Another Barn find, any good?


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I'm more of an MTB guy so could someone help me with the year of these finds and let me know if they're worth saving?


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Proper barn finds! The Puch looks a bit knackered and a bit of a lump. Raleigh paintjobs are renowned for being good - that might come up alright, and some hipster will jump on that. Looks quite original with the various reflectors and bar tape. Not a 531 race bike, but a nice enough old thing. Some kid flies about on an old Falcon round my way that he's fitted fixie wheels to - actually looks pretty neat.


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Neither can be considered a diamond amongst the stones. I'd strip both to ground zero, see what's decent, select the frame that is the right size, and build up from there. Puch get's points for Euro trash rarity and patina. Raleigh get's points for more modern.

You could flog the Raleigh frame to a hipster and buy some new tyres!


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I reckon both seat posts and stems will be a bit of a struggle to move