And today I did......


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Wee local loop this morning followed by a nice lunch out for our 6th anniversary.

Been a while since I’ve done my local loop. Between work, family and the lure of being able to ride further afield it’s not been a priority. It’s a shame because they’re actually really nice flowing trails. Not technical, not big elevation, just fun. Bone dry as well, just a bit overgrown through not being ridden. Needing a few rides with my folding saw to dispatch some fallen trees. Got a less hectic work schedule coming up which should help.

Got a skills day next Saturday up in Golspie, with Rideout Coaching. Long range forecast not looking the best but still excited to ride there. Never been but heard great things.

Thinking of organising a long overdue Clubbytrails before the end of the year. Be good to catch up with everyone after a challenging couple of years.

Been a bit quiet on here of late. Hope everyone is ok. Be good if people just posted up even just to say hello.


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Hello!! 😃

I've not been on a bike since the start of August 😮. I think my riding in Madeira nearly killed me 😂. plus had a return of sciatica like symptoms which is due to muscle tightness etc I believe, as they can't find anything wrong with my back thankfully. So I've been doing lots of stretching and starting some strengthening exercises, which is what fixed things the last time I had this, but I'd slacked off on the exercises which is likely why the symptoms returned. Looks like I'll be doing stretching and yoga until my deathbed then!

I definitely need to get out for a ride though, I've actually sold a couple of bikes as I realized I'd not ridden them for.... a long time.... yet I still seem to have 5, or is it 6? 🤔 😆.
Still a couple of retro mtbs in amongst them though.


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Hello from me. Practically not ridden a bike more than 5 miles at a time once a week all summer. Too knackered and generally weak due to depression and fatigue plus break up with my girlfriend of 9 years.
Started selling off excess bike stuff that's just not getting ridden. Hopefully raising funds for some ebike batteries to get my bodged ebike running with much less weight, lead acid batteries are too heavy.
Shock horror I have a vaguely modern hardtail In my stable, a Forme Sterndale 2 but it's go lots of retro fitted as that's all I have. The forks are not good but work giving me 100mm travel, with disc brakes and 27.5 wheels. I hope to get out again with power assist but no promises 😉


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Had a belter of a ride on Sunday with kenny from crook of Devon up the ochils and through glen Querey. Really tough 20 miles with big climbs but the downhills are worth it.

But dentist today for 3rd attempt at root treatment, back in a month again.

Actually riding more now as cycling from Sth queensferry to edinburgh 3 times a week so fitness is decent. But winter is coming jon snow!