Aldi Workstand £9.99


Retro Guru
I bought a workstand from Aldi for 30 euros. It does the job very well. I am surprised how solid it turned out to be


Old School Hero
Bought an Aldi workstand about 15 years ago replaced it with a Halfords one, I sold the Halfords one and got another Aldi one, the Halfords one had a rubbish clamp and smaller feet and only 4 feet


Kona Fan
Specialized Fan
Always wondered if the bike bits stocked in Aldi are international. Can someone post a picture of the bike stand?

Though come to think of it I don't know if I ever spotted a bike stand in Aldi here...


Retro Guru
From the point where it hangs off the stand in the picture you attach the other end on the handlebar, it should then keep it in place.