Wanted Airnimal folding bike

Okay, that seems more than reasonable for the condition and parts, I'll give it some serious consideration. Whereabouts in the country are you? I'm in between Liverpool and Preston.
Alternatively would you be interested in selling the frame, pace forks and wheels as a bundle rather than downgrading saddle and gearing etc?
I'm down south in Epsom.

I'd consider splitting. The frame wheels and forks are the big ticket items.
Gone down a bit of an airnimal rabbit hole now and looking at rhinos...
Do these frames come in different sizes do you know (joey or any of the others)?
I think they are all one size, don't recall any options when I was looking and trying for size. The only way I can think sizing wise would be possible is a different steerer assembly.

Price wise for frame, pace forks and wheels is tough as I know what I'd be asking for them separately. It wouldn't be far off what I've suggested tbh as the forks are a rarity and one of a kind, wheels were bespoke built, and a joey frame in the condition mines in is worth a fair wedge.

I'm also not greedy, and would prefer to see it go to a good home then gathering dust as it has been since new really.
Thanks, appreciate all your replies.
I do like your build and it's super tempting but I may be guilty of doing what always seems to happen - set a max price in my head then let it slowly creep up as nicer parts etc appear. I may just have to stick to my budget and keep an eye out for a more used version local to me. There have been a couple on eBay recently that I've missed e.g. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/176374528999
Which I know aren't anywhere near as nice as yours but maybe all I need to see if it works for me then can upgrade etc later.
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Not sure about the rhino fold, looks a bit messy and big. The good thing about the joey is that once it's folded, you can use the seat post and saddle to wheel it along, or drop it down to make it a smaller folded package.

I know what you mean about price setting then blowing. I don't think I have event built up anything that's stayed within budget, there's always something that elevates it to another level, then all bets are off.

On the sold bikes on the bay, there would be a lot of compromises based on what you were looking for, such as disc brakes. Both would have needed a bit of work if they were mine as are certainly different in their own ways and imo not a good thing.

You've then got the odd 24 inch size. I didn't know there were two, and the airnimals come with the one that has (or had, things could have changed) limited tyre options. By moving to a jump style size, many more tyres are available.
Yeah compromises for sure but I do have a set of 24" rims I could use leftover from a jump bike build (that guess what - got upgraded...) similar to yours, and could borrow a set of hubs from my existing commuter bike. I've a spare set of Avid BB7's that would go nicely on it as well.
I'm going to think on it.
Not wanting to add to your options but I'm sure I have some hope hubs spare if you didn't want to borrow from another bike. Unless you are building the wheels yourself, it's pretty costly to have a set built. Last time I asked at my lbs it was £55 a wheel, a few years ago now. That's a fair bit of £ towards a built set, ready to ride.