A Classic Mistake?


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This is a sad tale and a warning to all...

I recently sold my '96 Marin Bear Valley mountain Bike. Much as I liked it my back was suffering even with a shorter stem. So I decided I needed something a bit more sensible.

The good lady was away visiting family and I was home alone with a bottle of red and the internet (a dangerous combination)

Bored with the TV I thought I'd have a look on ebay. A few things caught my eye one of them being the subject of this post. Raleigh Pioneer Classic, starting price £20, 7 watchers, not far away in Winchester with 12 hours or so left. Now, I seemed to remember reading how the Pioneer range are underrated bikes. So I put in £20 and wobbled off to bed.

Next morning I woke up in a cold sweat. I rushed to the computer to retract my offer hoping someone had out bid me. It was too late, the 7 watchers had evaporated. I'd won it!


Yesterday I had the day off so I went to get it. The seller was a really nice bloke and to be fair was accurate in his description of it being a project and needing work.

It was chucking it down yesterday so the bike stayed in the car until today. This is what I bought...

Raleigh Pioneer Classic SIS 10. Looking at it it's around 1995 vintage and at the bottom of the Pioneer food chain. Basic 10 speed Shimano SIS group set, frame is plain steel not even Reynolds 501 and Plastic Cantis etc.

Good points are it fits me and the frame looks like it will clean up well and there doesn't appear to be any rust. The bottom bracket seems smooth, the seat post isn't stuck, the rims are alloy and the hubs may be Sachs.

So I am now the lucky(?) owner of two Raleighs. The other being a skip find Moonrun Mountain Bike.

The question is do I keep it and upgrade? Nick the Suntour groupset and Dia-Comp brakes off the Moonrun? Or just clean it up and move it on?


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If you have the room to keep it, fettle it to make sure brakes and gear indexing work, buy a front mudguard and you have a ready made pub/shopping/nature trail bike for next to nothing. A non competitive bike for the days you want a pootle whilst you listen to birdsong and smell the flowers


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I'd just move it on, sounds like you realised your error. At least you shouldn't lose any money on it.


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I've had a good look at it and the frame is in remarkably good condition. A few service parts and it will probably be good to go.

Could be fun, might even do a build thread.

Widowmaker if he had a Ford Mustang and writes a Blog called Klunkerz then it's the same guy.


Devout Dirtbag
Well, it's had a good clean, new mudguards, back tyre. The back wheel has been replaced with a good second hand one because the original was FUBAR. The Moonrun has donated the Venture brake levers and the Suntour triple elliptical chainset, cranks and pedals so it's 15 speed now.

Once I get my leg out of plaster (Don't ask) I'll give it a ride.

Was it worth it? Probably not :(