A call to the collective Bill Nickson !! Any good

clockwork davo

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Afternoon all

I’m in the dark with these as not something I’m into, but a family member has task me to sell !!
So any help would be ace
Are they any good ? I feel this may not be quite retro enough I’m guessing it may be a 90’s bike
It’s for full 9 spd Campag
Any info on year etc would be awesome
Thanks in advance 6E38CB6A-83EA-4D93-B558-9A6A2EE6BF33.jpeg6E38CB6A-83EA-4D93-B558-9A6A2EE6BF33.jpegEF52B193-90E7-46D2-A9F7-ED239AC6D367.jpegDAA0067F-715B-4209-B5BC-34815FEB870F.jpeg17AD0AE1-A553-463F-A432-506C173CCF23.jpegF31B4733-A46E-48AD-9977-6AFA598A0E46.jpegBF59FD19-913C-49F0-BADE-CCE39F829B5B.jpeg


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More of a winter / club run no nonsense budget type of bike to be honest. Practically all Italian parts, but low end. Frame looks generic AL.

Think you are about right for the year, late 90s.


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id take the mudguards off. The frame isn't really designed for them and they are shoehorned in. It would look better and less cluttered as a summer beginners training bike. ironically it has eyes for fastening mudguards, but not the clearances.

pricewise, i'd say £99 for a quick sale up to £150 if youre prepared to wait for the right person/right time to come along.


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Just to correct pigman ...... the frame & fork are badly designed for mudguards; there are mudguard mounts but I missed
the fact they are really squeezed under the brake bridge and fork crown.

But yes, that would be the target buyer for a complete bike like this. On a good day due to the Campag wow factor and
a little effort to make it look good and ready to ride perhaps up to £200. The small size may work in it's favor.

If you split, the frame is worth little more than the derailleur hanger I'm afraid. There is always a market for forks though,
and individual parts suitable for the commuter crowd can go for a surprising amount during these Covid times.


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Early 2000's Xenon group. You might get more breaking it up than selling as a full bike. Xenon Shifters, front & rear mech, chainset and brake calipers might bring you £90 on eBay as a complete group. Wheels maybe £40.

Used, 20yo, generic alloy frame isn't worth much though maybe £25-£30.


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Only really decent kit is the Groupset which you should sell separately after a good clean up. The rest is only fit for a car boot sale......