84 Saracen ATB Citybike

If you get closer than a foot, you can start to see the touch in on the frame, but its an " honest repair".....keeping the character, just loosing the rust and flaking!

As for the levers, I think your right and I will stick with the diacompe ones. The bikes pretty original and it might as well stay that way as far as I can at the moment.

The bars are a bit of a departure, but with the proposed rack, I think it might work!

We will see when the racks fixed!
Nice bars!!! 😎 They’re gonna’ be ace! Love the fact that they are period correct. Lots of these style of bars being produced at the moment, but can’t beat originals. 👍

Love the phrase ORF! that’s the noise we used to tease my dad for making when he sat down/got up and now I’m like my dad! 🤣 ORF bikes are the future.

Tyre choice I’d be looking at skinwalls or all black. The Panaracer Fire XC may be a step too far, but I can still see them working. I use to love those tyres for XC racing!
Some good progress today....

Random parts polishing, followed by some shifter rebuilding, followed by some shiny goodness!😂

Almost all the bits done now!


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So im a blast of Saint Peter's fuelled enthusiasm, I got into the workshop last night and turned the pile of parts on the bench into a working bike!

Im going to test run it this afternoon after a bit of lunch....

In the meantime here are a few teasers


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So here we go..... so 16 mile doddle around.....my thoughts.

Its not going to set any land speed records, but its very comfortable, especially with the high bars....

Its not quite finished as I think the pedals although original, need to go....they are quite slippery. (Ive already dumped the grips in favour of some mushrooms).

Plus, on bridleways its a bit flexy, so I may forgo the rack and build a fork brace instead.

Amazing now quickly you get back into non index gears.....and only having 5!

Still need to fine tune my riding position, but, its deffo a winner.

Here are a few shots...enjoy!



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Love it....looks fantastic and great tyre choice, perfect match IMHO.

So glad you got it and have done this resto, it really needed saving.