79 Carlton professional


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That's a beauty
Looking really good

I may be asking for advice soon


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Here's the latest version of my my much loved mk5, now sporting arabesque again, but with later 6207 brakes and later 6207 hubs converted to 7 speed on nisi rims. The next change will be darker rims on hf shimano hubs when I get a roundtuit. Still a great ride. In fact I like the mk5 so much I bought a 81 model in polar blue, its been test built with suntour kit but I plan to do something more interesting with the paint... IMG_20210802_195214.jpg


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What a fine looking pair Andy...👍 and great to see something other than Campagnolo. I've got the same frame with three holes in the head tube. Before it was delivered I thought it was a Carlton Pro which had been refinished in later Team Banana livery, even the headbadge had been updated to the two pin version so I've actually got five holes now.
Any clues to the new paint scheme...❓


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Love them too, best bang per buck frame of the era :) I've got 2 as well :) interesting to see one in blue. All the ones I have seen were Team Silver Lustre from the factory.


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Visited Butterworths back in the 80’s & it was a gold mine & I remember spending a couple of hours there...very friendly staff back then..