Wanted 7 speed shifters and canti brake levers


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Looking for some 7 speed shifters and canti brake levers or maybe some brifters.

Shimano DX, XT or Suntour XC thumbies

SS-5, SS-7, Ritchey or Shimano 2 finger brake levers.

Deore LX or above if they're combined lever and shifter.

Don't want to spend more than £50 as the whole bike cost lest that that :LOL:

Cheers! 🎅
Mountain LX 7 speed thumbie/ 4 finger brake lever combo going spare if interested


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The above combo thumbies/brake levers look nice (never seen these before) but I have LX ST-M060 brifters if you'd prefer these? Can send pics.
I have a pair of '92 XT Brifters - two finger cantilever brake levers and RF+ 3x7 shifters. They are rather "used" but worked well when I took them off the bike I got them on - the paint has worn from the front of the brake levers, but that's about it. The rubber cable covers are still there and supple.

I could only find one of the rubber hoods (fitted to the rh lever in the picture), but otherwise they are better than I remembered. Perhaps I have another pair secreted “somewhere safe”