531c alec bird


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531 competition tubes, capella fancy lugs and campag group !


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Very neat - got that old road / path feel about it. Mind, I'd be too little to push that gear round on any kind of hill!


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I had to look at that twice when i saw it on e-bay. I think its brilliant and totally different. Great condition too!



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Hi there, I found this thread by chance and realised that I owned the frame for a year or so a couple of years ago, I've sold it on now. I had it resprayed by Mario Vaz who had some Alec Bird decals in his drawer. Pics of before I sold it below. I hope you guys don't mind that the parts aren't the 'right' ones. The bike was quite heavy for 531c which made me suspect it wasn't. It was nice and stiff though (probably to do with the weight) and once it got up to speed it really flew.

I also changed the forks as the ones that came on it weren't original?

Why is this topic in MTBs?!


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Agency_Scum":36w1p0xp said:
Wow, talk about reserected thread!

Yep, top work :LOL:

Very nice frame, love the intricate lug design on the headtube, looks like the O/P had it re painted ?, also prefer it with the drops.

You are right though, should be in the road section, slipped through the net in 08 ;)


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Resurrection part 2!

I now have the frame.....Can any previous owner [with the exception of bloodyslow...who i've spoken to] shed any more light on the frame's history.

When it was built?
Was actually built by Alec Bird?
What happened to the original forks?
Was 531 DB tubing used for the main triangle and rear stays.....as the seatpost is 27.2mm.....the main tubes would be 531 DB.....but what about the rear stays.....531DB or 531ST or chromoly?

Any light shed on these questions would be appreciated.

PS: i've asked the mods to move this thread to either Retro Classic Road or Reader's Road Bikes.