26'' rim brake wheelsets


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Looking to build up an early 90's frame but considering going for a newer wheelset in the hope of getting more bang for my buck. Finding a nice set from that period with plenty of life left in them can be hard at the best of times, and when you do find them they come with an understandable premium.

Ideally I'd like black rims, black spokes and/or hubs would be nice too, they must be rim brake compatible and of good quality, at least comparable with anything mid to top range from the early 90's.

Not really that clued up on anything bike related post 1997, especially when it comes to things like cassette compatibility etc, so would appreciate any recommendations or advice as to what I should look out for or avoid.
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I've got some Stans 355 rims on a retro mod of mine. They are back with sliver sidewalls - look very in keeping with the rims from BITD.
Not the easiest to find these days - but they do pop up.


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I built some for a customer with Kinlin rims and Novatec hubs exactly to these specs, they were nice and light and made a great wheelset considering the not-instagram-famous-brand parts. They ended up being not that cheap though once you factor in the build cost.