25 euro rocky mountain build?


Retro Guru

little by little the build is coming together.
I have replaced the rear mech with a deore lx because it didn't work with the xt thumbies. I wanted to keep a bit more suntour on this bike but I'm using what I have to keep costs down, so far I have only spend 7 euro on a chain and will only have to spend a bit more on brake pads and pedals to make it a fully functional bike.
I was impressed by the general condition of the frame but what impressed me way more is the brake power of the pederson rear canti's. I set up the brake pads really quick for a test ride and couldn't imagine they would do any more than slowinig down the bike, I could not have been more wrong :shock: . I imagine they can even perform in wet/muddy conditions.
anyway here's a few more pics:


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