2003 Norco Drop - a heartwarming tale...


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This one's got a bit of a backstory; bought it brand-new in 2003 when it was a hell of an outlay for a student! It was my first full-sus and I loved it like a brother. We raced DH together, did all-day XC rides, discovered trail-centres and even commuted once or twice. So I was heartbroken when a few years ago it was stolen, and to make this worse it wasn't even insured.

There followed a few years of sleepless nights, forlornly searching ebay and gumtree until, just when I'd given up, this: http://www.retrobike.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=112759&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

So it's taken me a while, and I've swapped a few parts out from the classic spec (and still have most of them), partly to update it and partly just to get it up and running. First ride is tomorrow - can't wait



Frame - 2003 Norco Drop, Fox Vanilla shock
Fork - 2002 Marchocchi Z1 Wedge (orginally had Jnr Ts)
Fr Wheel - Halo rim on 24/7 hub (originally had Sun Singletrack on Axiom)
Rr Wheel - Singletrack on Deore
Brakes - Avid Code 5 203/180mm
Chainset - Truvativ Hussefelt
Fr Mech - Deore
Rr Mech - XT (originally LX and I'll be downgrading once I find the right mech to replace it)
Saddle - WTB Aviator (was a big DH sofa which I've still got but it's had chunks taken out of it)
Bars - Axiom riser
Stem - X-Lite Fly (was no-name, slightly shorter)
Tyres - WTB Dissent 2.5


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jamabikes":2yw4iqfp said:
nice one centurian like it like it.

are those tyres as heavy as crc says they are?

Well they sure ain't light, but then nothing on that bike is! I hadn't noticed the quoted weight on CRC before and although they're pretty heavy I'd be surprised if they were over a kg each. The roll really well so actually feel like a smaller/lighter tyre when you're pushing up hill, and the grip on the way down is great too. Add in the fact that they cost a whopping £9 each and they're my new undisputed favourite tyre!

Just back from the reunifaction ride and it felt outstanding to be back riding the Norco again. The way it inspires confidence and takes every hit like it's got 8" travel not 5" is unreal.


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It's 10 years since I got this bike, so I treated her to some new forks. Same travel as the bombers they replace, but slightly longer axle to crown and 20mm bolt through so I can put the original front wheel back on. Oh, and a new Kore B52 stem and hand-me down OS bars from my Cannondale. Should stiffen up the front end nicely. Quick post-fitting pic in the front room...


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