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1987. Raleigh maverick. A revelation!

Me too... But in June 88 (16th birthday).

[ETA - this was my first ever new bike]

Unfortunately the shop I bought it from was used to selling road bikes and, as I didn't know any better, they measured me up for this MTB the same way they would for a road bike.

It was way too big - as I realised the first time I didn't make it over a rock or tree stump and hit my nads on the cross bar.

Lots of (neon) BMX pads were bought for that bike.

looked just like this:



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My first ATB was a Rocky Mountain Fusion. I'm not sure what model year - I think it was an 88 purchased in 89. White fork, mint green main frame, Deore DX I think with that horrible chain stay mounted U brake. I pounded the crap out of that bike and it just kept taking it. I sold it in 91 to upgrade to a Stumpjumper FS.


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About 34 years ago (June 1987), I got my first MTB...entry level Jamis (Durango).
I just finished high school and was headed to University.

Guess what...I still have it! (see below)
Rode it today!

The shop that sold it to me (in NJ) is still in business and the shop owner's son (Mike) who was young at the time working for his father sold me the bike. He now runs the shop and is old like me :).


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87 saracen tufftrax. Boat anchor weight! But the wheels didn't buckle like my Raleigh Equipe with cow horns on when you jumped it off the elevated golf course Tees.


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1987 for me as well I think. Dawes Wildcat in 23.5" size! Way too big but it did at least encourage bike handling as failing forwards with my short legs was never good.

1991 saw me get a much more realistically sized 19" Kili Flier Comp. I still have this one. Planning a 30th Aniversary semi project.


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20 years ago I'd have been riding my 1998 Marin East Peak, sadly no longer have it.
Instead of progressing with more modern bikes I've just regressed to even older lugged steel.

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1987 or '88 A Peugeot Ranger in a lovely pearlescent white with Lee Chi brakes.

It was crap, the seat stays were made from wet noodles and they bent after riding over some tree roots. It died in Cuffley Great Woods less than a year after purchase.
Got a lovely Orbit next...


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This month 30 years ago (June 4th 1991) I bought my first "real" bike: a Scott Windriver. Sold it 2 years later but bought exactly the same one a couple of years ago (and still ride it)

.windriver action.jpg Windriver_LR_1.jpg