1998 GT Backwoods advice sought


Dirt Disciple
Long story short my cousin needed a bike so I gave her a 96 CB I had just finished with, in return she said I could have a bike that had been sat at the back of her shed for 5-10 years and was covered in spiders.

I was not expecting a great deal but it turns out it is a 1998 GT Backwoods. I know next to nothing about this make let alone this model. I don’t think it is all original and am hoping some on here could advise.

frame - looks all to be ok, silver/brushed al finish
Front forks - Mozo RST pro
Drive train- Shimano Alivio
Front wheel - Ritchey rock comp
Rear wheel - sun rims rhino lite with Deore hub
Handlebar- club roost go fast.

I don’t know what is original and whether to try to get back to that or just work with what I have.

any advice or opinions welcome


Dirt Disciple
Have a look in the catalogue section to see the original and then make your mind up.
I had no idea that there was a catalogue section!

I have found it in a German catalogue and really like the original look so I am going to try to go back to that if I can. Wheels, forks and headset/handlebar to find!

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