1998 Bontrager Privateer Rebuild :: DONE

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I've had my Bonty since new, but can't remember if I bought it in 97 or 98... It's got a 1⅛" headtube and non-tapered seat stays and the number stamped on the bottom is "9822 P" - Real Bonty headz please to be adviseful, as they say.

Anyway, out of the box it looked very similar to this one:

Then I had work overseas and it stayed at home and got a bit rusty. So when I got back, 2004 ish, I had it rebuilt with a Bomber shock and rode it all the time:

(Yes, the shop kindly put the top-tube sticker on backwards)...

Then I found RB and decided it needed some bling...




Then I decided to make it lighter as I'd got the habit and the Bonty was the heaviest of all my rides...

I've got all the bits together, going for a white frame with a carbon front-end...

Just got the frame back from the powedercoaters:

It's coming... waiting on a headset, crank bolts and a 9-speed cassette to show.
andypasher":3h0unqlb said:
what will you be building it up with?

New crab-on, RB-sourced XTR and XT clicky bits and China's finest :) The budget has to end somewhere...

If I had two grand to spunk on a Bonty I'd just get a Cotic Soda, as I believe these use Bonty geometry :)
Yeah like it in white, very sharp. Stormtrooper build in black and white will look nice. :cool:
I've got a Bontrager stem in brushed silver with the pawprint logo nice and tidy you can have for it if you like, just sitting in my spares box so kristmas karma if you cover the postage ?
Will be mainly B&W, some of the anno bits will be red. I have not emerged from the other side of my "I <3 Red Ano" phase. Cannot find a carbon post in 27.0mm. USE did an Alien in this size but not seen once since I've been looking.

It's not the end of the world though :)
Great seeing bontys on retrobike :)

Paintwork looking great!
It´s a ´98 if it has 1 1/8 steerer. They also made privateers in ´99, the last year bontys were made :evil:

Don´t know about nontrager as they were rock lobsters with bonty parts, like rear triangles.

Will be watching this space :)