1996 Kona Hei Hei - The First King Kahuna


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A little around town cruise today. Rear derailleur swapped for an M950. Needs a new lower jockey wheel.

On the lookout for a black control techstem. 100 or 110mm if anyone has one around.



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Such a sweet find and already looking stunning.

Looks absolutely classic.

Good luck with the mods. Will be keeping a close eye.


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Stage 2 upgrades are done. This moving along quickly.

M960 rear derailleur and controls replaced with M950.

Race face gunmetal cranks with black chainrings on. I have an all black set coming as well to see which I prefer.

Wheelset swapped out for M950 hubs and mavic X517 hoops.

M900 cassette.

I have left the M960 FD on noe as I think it's the exact same ad the M950 other than the band colour.

I was also able to track down a controltech black stem (100mm) on ebay. A bit more than I wanted but its exactly what I wanted.



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I swapped out the M960 front mech that came on it with the spare M900 that I got as parts in the deal. I imagine it was the original derailleur. It's a bit off the M950 theme but it is a high clamp so it keeps the clamp off the handmade in USA decal that had been previously covered up.

Couple more shots 20210914_185444.jpg20210914_185449.jpg20210914_185505.jpg


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Another little update. Flite titanium saddle fitted as well as the controltech stem. 100mm and 5 degrees rise. I really like the thinner profile compared to the newer style chunkier Thomson

Only real things left to sort is this tires end the fork. Likely stick with a Z2 and maybe even this one but might go to a different colour. Thoughts ?