1996 GT Zaskar LE 13 year old boy’s dream


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Last few bits to bolt on….

Crud Catcher (supplied by @The History Man - thank you 👍):


Cables are Shimano:


As is the chain:


As mentioned previously, I didn’t have any brake levers, and the XTR gear shifters I got were damaged and unusable. I spent many nights searching for parts, both separate brake and shifter, or the STI units. Deep down I really wanted the STI’s, I was always a fan right from their early days, so much so that I based my technical drawing end of year project on them. The current prices for XTR stuff is kind of crazy just now, yes there are deals to be had, but for one reason or another it just wasn’t working out for me. So instead I decided to go for XT M739, I guess in this fantasy story of what would have been, these are the only parts still be upgraded from XT to XTR….


The only thing left to do now is put the grips on:


Right then, that’s enough teasing you (or boring you) with parts, the next update will be of the complete bike!

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Stirling work. Now, let’s have a ride report. I wonder if you’ll find it as I did mine? Except mine was rigid 3F9E398F-F9B6-450C-95C2-2EDD38DA5B27.jpeg


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Stirling work. Now, let’s have a ride report. I wonder if you’ll find it as I did mine? Except mine was rigid View attachment 564798

I didn’t get a “proper” ride as out with the family, Mrs on my old bike, her first time riding it and only her third time riding a bike since she was a kid. Wee man’s first ride on his new bike he just got yesterday too, so new to us bikes all around. So I was riding a bit, stopping, helping, telling them to stop being pansies and get on with it, etc. But yes, I can tell it is a really nice riding bike, nice smooth crisp shifting, climbs like a demonic goat, and the SIDs are so plush for an old fork, plus I can’t get over how light it is.

I’m not sure if I should try a longer stem, that’s a 100mm (x 6 degree) I have fitted, on an 18” frame, I did have a look but couldn’t find what length of stem would have been on it as standard. On the other hand the 100mm seems to work well in terms of responsiveness, body position, etc. It just feels ever so slightly too cramped, but that could be from having ridden more modern bikes for the last 10 or so years.

So, over all, very happy.


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The parts are coming in thick and fast now!

New frame decals:

View attachment 563974

I stuck the left over 7005 decal on the bike bus so as to cause suitable confusion 😄

View attachment 563975
Front mech and chain set:

View attachment 563976
View attachment 563977


View attachment 563978
View attachment 563979
View attachment 563980
View attachment 563981

Tyre(s) I do have a Dart for the front, but didn’t get a picture:

View attachment 563982

Pedals, I do have some M959 SPDs, but I have never ever used SPDs in my life, so I’ll use these trusty Wellgo’s to bake sure the bike is working okay etc and then begin the journey of learning to use SPDs

View attachment 563983
I have exactly the same pedals that end up on all my retro builds at some time. Solid and actually not too heavy!