1996 Gary Fisher Procaliber

Sweet frame.

Set a target weight that you want and are happy with and go for it :) I found that EVERYTHING had to be taken into consideration, and took a fair amount of time and £££, but I overshot somewhat (front Sus & maguras) :)
I've 95% decided not to go down the weenie route, I did it with my Ti Lite and it cost a fortune. This frame is ½ a pound lighter than that so I know if I swapped the bits over and put on some different tyres I could get it around the 20lb mark.
Instead I decided to sacrifice the DBR and go for Shimano free instead. As usual this will no doubt change but it's a good start. 👍 😁 DSC_1252.JPG _20240411_155850.JPG DSC_1254.JPG DSC_1255.JPG DSC_1256.JPG DSC_1257.JPG DSC_1258.JPG DSC_1259.JPG
Changed a couple of bits already and I still haven't actually ridden it. 😬
The Judy XC had a bit too much play in the bushings for my liking so swapped for an SL, probably doesn't look quite as nice but function first. 👍
Also changed the tyres, the Conti's look great and would be awesome if there was never any tarmac involved, unfortunately there is and they roll so slow on it, it's demoralising. So on with a Smoke and Dart.
Hopefully I'll get out on it in the morning. 🙂 _20240413_161444.JPG