1991-2 ish Gary Fisher E Stay (Montare or Hoo koo e koo)


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Yes, I have most of the parts now just a few decisions to make about 8 speed or 9 speed.

Around 91' 8 speed was outlandish, 9 speed was otherworldly.

But Spinergy's were "WHAT THE" so they could warrant going 9.
Also having a nightmare getting metallic spray paint to finish the paint job, that was supposed to be the easiest part , pop over Halfords job jobbed. At the moment i am looking at Deco Colour Metallic sprays any other ideas?


Old School Hero
Get that there drill out.
The rear spinergy has lost the freehub thread which is normally game over so a cunning plan. I have drilled the back out to 17mm by 8mm deep
This recess gives me enough room for a 2mm thick top hat retainer for the bolt to lock onto.
Here you can see around 8mm untouched bore which will hopefully be enough cross section for any load on the end. GA cycles are on.the case for a new bare axle so next job is to make extra long cone nutscso they can be locked out side of the freehub body.
Also gave them a clean.
They will live again!


Old School Hero
Whilst waiting for some axle bits and bobs time to get some colour on the frame. True 90's style lug fades