1995 Specialized Stumpjumper


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Hi all!

New here, first post so thought Id share my latest purchase. Used to have a 1998 Stumpjumper M2 in Mango which I loved but had no use for and sold a few years back. Anyway, thanks to CovidIm getting more active and fancied something to hit the local woods with. Knowing how good my previous Stumpy was I set out to get something similar and this is what I ended up with - a fairly original 1995 Stumpjumper!

Its not in the best condition but I did over 12 trouble-free miles on its maiden voyage so Im happy. Plenty of plans, plenty of questions but Ill get to those when I work out where to post them!

Anyway, the bike in question -


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Thanks all! Im putting together a wishlist of parts which Ill hopefully start ticking off soon. Ive contacted the previous owner who hopefully has the original bars for it. The rest of the changes will include -

- Polished ally riser stem - any particular 'period' makes to look out for?
- Deore LX thumb shifters - most likely an 'all-in-one' setup like the M567
- Mag21 front shock as fitted to the FS/FSR of this era
- Pedals - hopefully found a set of originals
- Panaracer Smoke & Dart tyres
- New chainrings
- Period saddle & grips - any suggestions of where to start
- Bottle cage - essential!

First and foremost though the rear wheel is out of shape and rubs the brake on every revolution so need to get that assessed ASAP. Looking forward to getting stuck in!


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Paul R":i9fm5k7x said:
a few brands

stems syncros, kore, profile, ritchey
saddle flite, wtb

Thanks Paul - hopefully have sorted both now!

First of many eBay purchase has arrived this morning. The bike has come with a set of new pedals but they’re not particularly desirable. Had a look in the 95 catalogue and found the bike came with DirectDrive Comp pedals. Couldnt find anything about the Comps online but did find some info about the Titanium & Pro’s so at least I had an idea what they looked like. Picked these up for just over £10 delivered and Im delighted with them! Although not sure if they are the Comp’s or Pro’s?

One of the bearings feels a bit ‘gritty’. Assume they are just ball bearing and need cleaning out and regreasing?


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Apart form the cage colour (and condition), those pedals don't look too dissimilar to the Direct Drive Comps I have on my '93 & '94 Stumpjumpers (see for yourself via the links in my signature). I'm not sure what differentiates the variants :?