1994 Marin Bobcat Trail Refurbishment


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I volunteer at a bike refurbishment project where they let me have this 1994 Marin Bobcat Trail for £25. I have since dismantled and cleaned everything up, adding some parts cannibalised from other scrapped bikes. New bearings have been put in the pedals and hubs. New cables all round. A few parts have been bought new. What I have done will shock purists who will look in horror at this Frankenstein bike.

However, it is a now nimble, fast, light, all-purpose, year-round urban runabout. It is in daily use on canal towpaths, cycle paths, and local streets. The steel frame with its thin tubing is light and elegant.

I have swapped out the original cantilever brakes for V-brakes. The original rubbish shifters have been changed to 7 speed Shimano trigger shifter/brake units. Rubber bar ends have been added for comfort. The leather Terry Liberator saddle came with the bike and is in great condition.

The original Shimano chain guard was quite a find. It was bought new on eBay from a bike shop which was closing down and getting rid of some ancient stock. It fit perfectly in the chainring holes provided for this purpose.

The champagne paint job makes the bike look like it has a titanium frame at a quick glance.

Twenty-six years old and rides just like new! Probably has another twenty-six years left in it. "They don't make 'em like this anymore."


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It's good to see an old bike being put to good use and enjoyed instead of being considered out-of-date and discarded. The frame looks in excellent condition in the photos and I should imagine that the bike is pretty well ideal as an urban runaround. Good repurposing!