1993rd times the charm: 1993 Yo Eddy blackout


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My first Yo Eddy was a definite rider; a 1993 M/L frame with a replica fork. It rode great, and I loved it, but I somehow got it in my head that it was a bit too small for me:

1993 Fat Chance Yo Eddy by shamalama88, on Flickr

At the same time I had acquired a 1993 L Yo frame that needed a repair in the groinal region. Got that sorted out and swapped the parts over to the L lavender Yo:

IMG_0874 by shamalama88, on Flickr

20171126_140018 by shamalama88, on Flickr

But I was really surprised to discover how much bigger a Large is compared to the Med/Large, especially the standover height. So I had to admit that a M/L was actually what I needed after all! Not much longer after that I was in trade discussions with Haaland, and amazingly I ended up with this beautiful 1993 M/L frame and fork in a trade that worked for both of us:

20180202_100351 by shamalama88, on Flickr

The build was really straightforward, since all I had to do was swap over the parts (most for the third time), and add a bit more black. Now, with a few rides under my belt, I can say for sure that I am a M/L guy! That was easy (not)! But well worth the wait...

20180310_094210 by shamalama88, on Flickr

20180324_120213 by shamalama88, on Flickr

20180324_122924 by shamalama88, on Flickr

20180324_122948 by shamalama88, on Flickr

20180324_123146 by shamalama88, on Flickr

20180324_123947 by shamalama88, on Flickr

20180324_124119 by shamalama88, on Flickr

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:cool: very nice

Are those Nitto bars originals or a modern version?



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Thanks everyone! The bars are original NITTO. I realize they had a reputation for cracking, and I am keeping an eye on them! I just love the rise, reach, sweepback, look, and feel of them. Plus they are a luxurious 26" wide! I am riding them to failure... ;)