1993 Marin Pine Mountain...... slightly different this one!


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So I got a 1993 frame for a very reasonable amount and when it arrived it had a couple of issues.

The stem was stuck solid and lots of the bolts were rusted into their respective tubes -surprisingly the Bottom Bracket came out with minimal fuss!

Anyway, some soaking in WD40 penetrating oil and most of the bolts came out - then the stem came out with some soaking and a large hammer!!

The rust spots looked bad but were very superficial

Some photos before I reveal what has happened since!157939786_502357794091430_1416563804744280560_n.jpg158016413_181818390143508_5983545850038563531_n.jpg158223171_427042291719145_1597343437011973661_n.jpg158329207_1068020803693124_2830141625950920399_n.jpg158407339_870305156867859_4527438088434580517_n.jpg