1993 Kona Lava Dome


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Thought id start a thread for this one, a few of you will have seen it last week in the ebay section on here, it was fairly cheap and pretty local so i decided i was having it, ive got a '94 Lava Dome frameset that i need to build up and i thought this would be a perfect donor for the parts (i wrongly assumed the frame was a 16", which it isnt) and when i went to pick it up it was in far better condition that i had first thought!

So after rushing it home, the first thing i did was give it a basic strip and clean, cranks off and split the rings off to clean, rear mech off and the jockey wheels off (this will be coming off soon anyway as its a 'deore' and quite new so shouldnt be on there at all) the rest of the spec is as original i think, exage hubs and brakes, sugino crankset and dia-compe brake levers with DX (i think) thumb shifters, which work perfectly!

Plans are a bit of a mix up as i have some m600 v-brakes i think ill use on it purely for better stopping power, i have an xt rear mech circa '96 i think which will go on when i get some new cables, and a set of skinny road tyres and i think she will be my summer daily rider, but of course my plans will probably change all the time i ride it as i did about five miles on it last night and loved it!

On with the pics...

I didnt take any before i cleaned it unfortunately, i wish i had as the difference is amazing!




The previous owners used to live in switzerland and you have to register bikes over there, thats what this little sticker thing is..











Sorry about the million pics, i just really like it is all lol, any comments welcomed, and yes the seat will be getting removed when im paid again as im now skint again for some strange reason!


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lovely lovely bike i really hope you enjoy it. theres something really eyecatching on those early konas the lines are so clean and simple. cant understand why your getting rid of the seat unless its a murray one your after in which case would you have a rolls going spare?
i am actually jealous :D


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The first bike I wanted. My parents bought me a muddy fox :roll:

Just lovely.

As it's so close, it would seem a shame not to keep it factory spec...?


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Nice one, my first Kona was a '93 Hahanna, still got 1993 brochure somewhere.
The range just had different colour rear triangles.
:cool: :D

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1993 Konas best range of bikes ever. I've had a Cindercone from bitd, Explosif and Lava Dome, should never have sold the Explosif.


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I told you it was a size 19. Maybe you'd like it to be one size bigger, but even so I doubt whether running the stem with so little insertion is really safe.


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Your advice was appreciated on the for sale thread Athony, but the bike is still setup as the previous owners had it, i did spot the stem however as i have another to compare it to and its almost on the top of the cone on the stem, definately unsafe so im not riding it till ive adjusted it!