1990 Stumpjumper resurrection


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Hey Voodoocurt, welcome and it’s great to see we have a very similar taste in retro machinery! It sounds like you are on a roll with finding some great steel Specialized bikes. A Stumpjumper in any guise is cool, so it will be interesting to see what you do with yours. A return to original spec stem, bars maybe? I notice also yours and some other frames don’t have the American flag on the top tube. Maybe it was deleted for some markets...

Thanks for looking in your parts box. For now I might just run with my XT front mech until a nice XC Pro one comes along.

Thanks also M-Power. I rather like the 94 green Stumpy also. I remember a lovely one on eBay some years back. It was about £600 though. I was still very tempted because it was totally original, but had to let it go.


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Sorry I missed this, been crazy here at home.

I think I’m going to do a part resto part mod build on my 90 stumpy...it’s a three speed now which I like, I just don’t like the drop bars... you think a cool bullmoose bar setup would be period correct or too vintage for a 90?

I have a set of Specialized flat and BMX type bars and stems I may put on it...

I also just received a 86 Stumpy that I might add the bullmoose bars to. It will need a full build up as it’s just a frame/fork at this point. It’s an odd bird though... ALL specs and components that I got from the seller (who worked for Specialized in the 80s) are Team specs/components....but mine is NOT pink. It’s a lugged dark blue...very odd.



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I think I had a '90 Stumpjumper in White, or maybe it was 1991? It was BIG around 22" with a 24"++ top tube. (Those are inches.) The seatpost was an odd size. The "Team" edition with XC Pro was cool, I remember picking one up many years ago. It had a dark blue paint job, you don't see many of those.

Did you ever find the seatpost size? I do remember that White one I had (mentioned above) had an odd-sized post.


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Hi guys, just been catching up on a few things...

Thanks for all the posts and messages. To Voodoocurt - I love the 'traditional' early 90s MTB silhouette with low stem and a decent amount of seatpost showing, but I think bullmoose bars would look pretty cool. Check out a recent post on Instagram by swiftindustries - a late 80s Hardrock with... bullmoose bars. It looks great. As for BMX bars, I'm not so sure. But, hey, our bikes are an expression of what we like about them, so if you feel the BMX bar urge, go for it - you can always change it! The dark blue 86 Stumpy sounds very special. If I see any pics of something similar I'll post them here.

Hey perkelino, that's one impressive Stumpy collection. It looks like they are all ridden too. Get some friends together and take all the bikes for a ride together to a nice cafe somewhere and sit and watch people notice them!

Hi klasse, it looks like perkelino might have a Stumpy similar to your old white one? Great bikes, for sure - and a dark blue Team with yellow decals is one of my unicorns I still aspire to. I have been a bit slow on sorting a seatpost, but 26.4mm seems to be the consensus. Just waiting to find a period style black one - or an XC Pro. On the 'to do' list for next weekend! The other thing I need is a 7spd 13-28 suntour cassette. I realised the one I have is an 8spd and too wide for the freewheel and XC Pro hub I have...grrr!

And to Swash, that must ben another Stumpy on Facebook. I'm hanging on to mine and will hopefully be cruising around on it before too long!


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Hey perkelino, I wondered if you can help me? A nice black 26.4mm seatpost arrived today for my Stumpy build, but it feels j-u-s-t too loose. I'm reluctant to just tighten up the seat clamp, or try making a drink can shim. If you have a spare couple of minutes, could you check what the diameter is on your white Stumpjumper in the picture you posted? I looks the same year (or very close) to my one - many thanks!