Sold 1990 GT Team Avalanche Retro MTB Fork Tange prestige Steel Stripped Back To check condition and reveal Blue Widow paint fully

That's a shame. Richter 8.0 from 1992 seems pretty likely. If you have photos of the dropouts and where the seat tube meets the bottom bracket (preferably both side-on and front-on) then that could help confirm.
My thoughts at this point are that there’s probably no way of 100% confirming that it’s a Richter and not a gloss black 92 Karakoram as to my knowledge they had exactly the same (see attached catalog spec). However, it has to be one of those two and Richter is more likely imo as the paint now showing looks to be matt black not gloss and the bike came with DX MT60 cranks and a matt black flip flop stem. I’m still hopeful that you can confirm either way tho 😉 Appreciate you helping with this!
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As you say, with the frame number gone there's probably no way to be certain between the Richter 8.0 and the Karakoram. I have owned a '92 Richter 8.0 and a '91 Karakoram Elite that had the same paint scheme as the '92 Karakoram and I agree that the matt look of the paint on yours looks much more like the Richter.

The other details all seem to fit those two.
Would you agree that it doesn’t really matter at this stage tho? as if the frames were the same construction and grade of steel, then surely back in 91/2 they just decided which paint and decals to apply and serial numbers to stamp depending on the demand. So it’s kinda cool that I can do the same now… Out of interest, what differences have you found between the serial numbers on 92 Richters and Karakorams?
Yes, I absolutely agree that it doesn't matter at this stage, other than satisfying your curiosity.
The serial numbers would have been three part: TYYMM (to give year and month the frame was made), then A024 for the Karakoram and A042 for the Richter 8.0, an finally a four digit serial ####.