1. Stanflashm4n

    Wanted Forks for a 92 & 95 Marin

    After some forks for two frames - 92 is a 19’’ black Eldridge grade (I have some for this but they are quite rusty…) and the 95 is 17.5’’ champagne-y silver Eldridge grade . Open to modern alternatives too if anyone has any , or recommendations. Cheers
  2. S

    Sold 2021 RockShox 35S 29er 160mm Travel, 15mm x 110mm Boost

    RockShox 35S - 48T01960399 - Gloss black £180 160mm travel 15mm x 110mm Boost Steerer 205mm, 1 1/8"-1.5" tapered Offset 51mm Maxle included All details in pictures In excellent condition as you can see. Some slight scuffs from light use - I've tried my best to capture this in the pictures...
  3. L-Note

    Wanted P2s with long steerer

    After a set of P2s with a long steerer, non threaded. Please let me know if you have some you’d be willing to part with! Thanks
  4. L-Note

    Withdrawn Project 2s wanted

    Hi all, after a couple of pairs of Project 2s - for 2 20inch 1995 Kona frames so the longer the steerer the better. Please let me know if you have any or know of any for sale, cheers.
  5. Bike Creatively

    Sold 1990 GT Team Avalanche Retro MTB Fork Tange prestige Steel Stripped Back To check condition and reveal Blue Widow paint fully

    A really rare set of forks that I was amazed to find on a resprayed retro GT bike I bought. The whole bike had been painted red (badly) by a previous owner but as the paint was flaking off, and I could see patches of the iconic “blue widow” GT paint scheme underneath, I decided to use a stiff...
  6. L

    For Sale Rockshox Quadra Retro Forks - 200 mm 1-1/8" Straight Steerer - 26"

    Rockshox Quadra Retro MTB Forks - 200 mm 1-1/8" Straight Steerer - 26" Wheels. Never ridden these personally but the elastomers feel surprisingly good pressing them on the ground, with smooth actuation and no play. Stanchions and cover seals in very good condition. Both adjustment knobs turn...
  7. HorribleOrange

    Withdrawn Kona Project Two forks

    Hello! I’m after a set of P2 forks. 26” Threadless 1-1/8” with 220mm ish steerer. Canti/vee mounts. 410mm axle to crown. All colours and conditions considered! Cheers :)
  8. Bike Creatively

    Sorted 26” MTB forks with V brake option and long steerer (at least 24cm/9.5”) ideally Rockshox, Exotic, Bomber, Manitou

    Needs the Vbrake option and long steerer (24cm) but happy to consider anything really as it’ll be going on a bike I plan to ride rather than put on the wall. However, it’s a 20” 97 GT Zaskar so Rockshox would be great 👍 but something half decent from another good brand would be fine too and I’d...
  9. PendlePete

    For Sale '99 Marzocchi Bomber Z5 Flylight Air Black

    Bought for a retro build but no longer required. Having a bit of a clear out so look out for other sale posts. Excellent condition for age, only a few minor scuffs(see pics), holding air, stansions and seals in excellent condition, stansions lubed with silicone oil as per manufacturers...
  10. SirLurkalot

    Sold German Heidemann frame £10

    German Heidemann 22" frame and forks. I bought it for the wheels and a couple of other bits. Seems a shame to take it down the tip. Would make a good Hipster single speed, fixie or Pub bike. £10 ono Collection only from Southampton.
  11. Zer0

    Wanted Forks required for Marin Pine Mountain

    Hi everyone, I need some help with some forks that are jammed on my Marin Pine Mountain, I think I may need a cheap replacement because when I took out the spring it was covered in metal filings. Can anyone help me with a cheap replacement of any kind please. Thank you all in advance.
  12. Tricky1977

    Marin Rock Springs Fork Options and Hub Rebuild Help

    Hi, I don’t post in this section often :) I have a couple of questions or queries you guys might be able to help with? 1) I have a 2000 Marin Rock Springs and the odd “Shock Works” front fork has locked. You can’t really get spares and it’s quite heavy, so It needs replacement. I want/need to...
  13. Tricky1977

    Sorted Wanted: Tidy small frame bike…14”? £100, Essex area

    Hi, I want to build a kids “leisure” bike and would like a tidy/new looking frame, preferably with a working front suspension fork. edit: I would now prefer a whole bike! - good value :) - (edit) Needs to be small adult size, 14” (short top tube if poss) - edited: any colour - Doesn’t need to be...
  14. Tricky1977

    Sorted Wanted cheap tidy small or XS framed bike - (14”)

    Hi, I want to build a kids “leisure” bike and would like a new looking (tidy) frame, preferably with a working front suspension fork. edit: I would now prefer a whole bike! - good value :) - (edit) Needs to be small adult size, 14” (short top tube if poss) - edited: any colour - Doesn’t need to...
  15. F

    Reynolds 'R' decal - Plain Jane blades?

    Bought a frameset, which had these forks on, no idea what tubing these are. No dropout stamps. 650 grams with 16cm steerer if that helps. Any idea? Thank you
  16. S

    For Sale Retro Kona Project 2 Threaded, Triple Butted Forks 1 1/8 - £55

    Kona Project 2 Forks. 1 1/8 threaded 143mm threaded steerer from a 95 Kona. Scratches commensurate with age but lovely looking fork.