1989 (i think) Muddy Fox Seeker! the prodigal bike returns!

ok, so a bit of movement, i stripped the bike down to the frame, sent that off for paint, original. started assessing the parts, the chainset didn't look quite right, it had silver rings, they look perfectly fine but i remember them being black, next thing i know i was on ebay, i found a more original looking chainset and rings. the rims were ok but i wanted some double wall rims with a machined brake surface to improve the likely lack of power on the old school brakes! i found some no name rims from one of my suppliers that seemed to fit the bill and they weren't too expensive, i then realised i had some purple nipples, i wouldn't usually use alloy nipples but i thought what the hell and built the front wheel because i had the right size spokes in stock. so the front wheel is already built with a panaracer dart, spokes for the rear will be in next week.

i also got a message from the guy i got it from, he'd found the original owners manual and sent it to me:cool:




Schweet, love this 🍿
Loved the Seeker. Loved the name. Loved the colour. Even love the song.
But with a U-brake too, that's off the charts.

Lovely lot of original parts in there. Shame to lose the MFX tyres, but understand if they're a bit crispy.
Muddy Fox with U-Brake is the epitome of UK MTB popularity and coolness in the late 80's. Following your build with interest.
ok so we have movement.

the frame came back from the painters, slight cock up though, i'm not worried though, basically i was expecting the same stickers i sent it with as i asked for exactly the same as original, somewhere in transaltion it ended up with the earlier stickers, i think the correct stickers would have looked better but i'm not upset enough to say to the painter that i'm not happy or want it correcting, frankly i checked my emails and i should have been more specific. i think it looks gooda anyway.