fat chance

  1. Quotama

    1989 Fat chance wicked

    Hi Guys. Finally got down to this project again. I got this bike late December last year. It popped up on the local marketplace. Of course it somehow spoke to me even though I am mostly into Road bikes. It was built up with a terrible suspension fork ( stuck as well ) and of course it had a...
  2. NouuuYess

    Wanted Yo Eddy segmented fork or BOI

    Howdee, I’m looking for a straight blade 1” fork for a medium Yo eddy rebuild if anyone is looking to part with one. Thanks, Ryan
  3. worldcollapse

    For Sale 1990 Fat Chance Wicked Frameset 19.5" Blue

    hi all- sadly deciding to let go of my 1990 somerville, ma made wicked fat frameset. 19.5" serial 710W09 seat tube ctc - 19.5" top tube ctc - ~22.75" includes- frameset replacement period correct tange fork in awesome teal color deore xt headset oem seat collar oem 122.5 bb spindle 26.4...
  4. tylerannjohnson

    93ish Fat Chance Yo Eddy Grello

    Just finished the build of my yo Eddy. Been riding it for a few weeks but finally got the wheels back from being laced up. Tried to keep it visually correct but with some modern tubeless rims and tires for durability and ease. I'm not sure of year since the serial number can't really be read...
  5. PanoIgano

    Help with removing Yo Eddy ‘91 press fit BB

    Hi all, newbie to this forum and to restoring old MTBs so I hope that’s the right place to post this question. I would like to paint the Yo Eddy I recently acquired but I am not sure I can remove the original press fit BB in a way that doesn’t damage the frame and the BB itself. Any ideas of...
  6. mk one

    Catalogue 1995 Fat Chance Catalogue

  7. john

    Catalogue 1987 Fat Chance Catalogue

    Classic Fat Chance catalog, click download for full pdf version.
  8. Factorycol

    '94/95 Fat Chance Shock-a-billy aqua fade frameset

    I never planned on selling it, but sadly needs must so its gotta go. It was always going to be a bit small for me, but I let that slide with plans to build something special, but I have too many ongoing projects already. On ebay now. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324676794102 No buy it now in...