1983 Raleigh Record Ace


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Hi! This is not an advert at this stage - I am just looking for opinions.

So I am looking to raise about £300 for a new project. I have this RRA that I love but it has always been a little on the large side for myself... It has on it a very shiny campy mech set which I fitted, I also kept the original suntour gear which came off it and is much less impressive.

Do people think the campy mech set would sell better on its own? And then sell the frame for cheaper with suntour gear. OR should I keep it as it is and sell it?

For further clarification, here are the specs, the Campy bits I am thinking would sell better separately are *****

-25” Frame, would ideally suit a 6’0”+ Rider
-Original Sun tour Ultra 6 freewheel
-Weimann 605 alloy quick release side pull brakes With new Dia-Compe brake hood covers
*******-Campagnolo Athena 172.5mm Chainset 53/42t******
-SR Road Champion Randonneur touring style handle bars
****-Campagnolo Nuovo Gran Sport Front and Rear mechs in excellent condition*****
*****-Campagnolo down tube shifters *****
-Original 27” wheels with newer Michelin World tour tyres with plenty of life left
-Reynolds 531 frame in superb condition for an early 80’s frame
-Brand new patterned BLB bar tape
-Selle Italia Turbo Classic Nubuk saddle
-Brand new lightweight classic style pedals
-Original mudguards available if desired


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