1983 CINELLI Supercorsa Donna Red * ultra rare find *


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I have never seen that frame in person, I knew they existed but there may be only a handful of them.

Clean the chrome with kitchen foil&WD40 :D


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[Update March 2021]: Finally! ...It was about time to update and re-add all the (missing) pictures of the 1983 CINELLI Supercorsa Donna bike in this thread!

Here is the current status. 3 years later but not "really" finished yet - but no problem. No hassle and no woman to ride it ;-) Oh, just cause you ask: NO, it is not for sale and never will be ;-) ;-) ;-)

To be continued!


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Really nice looking bike. Just one little thing though, the wheel skewers are on the "wrong" side. The locking wing should be on the left/non drive side of the wheel. Just sayin :) before you get hung out by the real purists.

Richard Lees.