1970s(?)ish Falcon city/road bike - Beginner restoration


Retro Guru
No probs. Check out their website here.

These would actually be a really good idea for most of the so called "fixie" crowd (who want a "light as possible" bike on which to risk their lives in urban traffic making sure people get pizza on time). The original fixed wheel bikes are just as they description says - they have no freewheel and if your legs slow down your bike slows down (so you really don't need a rear brake). Most of these urban bikes I've seen have a much-overworked single speed freewheel (and should have a rear brake). Sticking an SA hub into the mix would give some gearing to cope with the sort of things that gears were invented for so they wouldn't have to give their chains such a tough time, but I don't think that they're deemed to be particularly cool (and they're also much heavier than a simple hub). Ah well.