1. valleyman

    1990 Kastle Randonnee Comp

    Here some specs of my Kastle Randonnee Comp from 1990: Frame: Kastle Randonnee Comp Tange Cr-Mo Fork: Kastle Headset: Ritchey Logic Stem: Ritchey Handlebar: Ritchey Force-Lite Barends: Ritchey Logic Pro WCS Grips: Odi...
  2. F

    MARIN Bolinas Ridge (year?)

    Hey Folks! Got a MARIN Bolinas Ridge in my Garage. A guy out of my area gave it to me. I cannot find any picture of that paintjob in the web. Does anybody know something about the model year? Came these "gecco" decals from factory? Was it a youth bike? And is the frameset, some parts or the...
  3. trailstar82

    How do you pronounce Tange?

    I’ve been watching Paul brodies excellent gravel build on YouTube and he pronounces it “tan-gay”. Have I been saying it wrong all these years??? https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUJnSFSlakCKcsLSYRYB-b2LWX-Jwxld5&si=5hhrs8xONJ0nEC1z So let’s settle this…
  4. FluffyChicken

    Catalogue 1988 - Tange Frame Component System

    Frame, Fork, lug, Prestige, #1, #2, Infinity, Concept dimensions, info all about the tubing from Tange
  5. kclim91

    Help Identify Model of Panasonic Mountain Bike - Early 90s, Tange Frame, Unique Spray Paint

    Hello fellow forumers, I recently purchased a Panasonic mountain bike from Japan, and I'm having trouble identifying its model. Hoping you could help. Here are some clues and details about the bike: 1. Components and specs of the bike suggest it's from the early 90s. 2. Bike frame is made by...
  6. C

    For Sale MARIN Palisades Trail Steel Frame 1995 17,5" / 18" Tange triple butted

    this one can go as i have no plans for her. i see a tourer | commuter | travel build in this somehow, or...? anyhow, no dents or structural issues. all threads good. welded rack bolts for the rear. color dizzles in parts, but the cam does not show good. all over a clean slick sturdy frame with...
  7. C

    Sold CANNONDALE M500 from 1992 F+F 18" in dark metallic grey – Handmade in USA

    starting to sell off some frames (more coming) to generate space in the cave. this m500 is from 1992 (perhaps 93) and comes with the typical smooth welds and the original tange forks. some scars, but no dents. all threads good. asking 130€ plus shipping. if you need matching parts, just let me know.
  8. NotThatOld

    Wanted ‘92 or ‘93 Pine Mountain or similar.

    First post here so hello 👋🏼 I’m looking for a 19” early steel Marin. I like the look of the black and orange 1992 Pine Mountain and the black and silver ‘93 but I’m open to any of the nicer Tange steels frames really. Ideally a complete bike and happy to restore if needed. Budget up to £300...
  9. synlos

    Wanted Tange Super/Ultralight fork, 1", 160mm, threaded

    Hi guys. As above. Any condition, will/must be resprayed for me then. What you got? :D Thanks, Tom
  10. C

    Sold PANASONIC MC6500 blue 'n white fade 50cm Frame + Forks – Made in Japan

    enough sitting around for this set, as i'm not going to build it. the pics tell "how nice", but i have to admit the set is chipped all over. couldn't find dents though. asking 100€ plus shipping.
  11. valleyman

    Sold Frameset Hazard model XT STI Tange Tubes from 1990

    Frameset in original splash multicolor paint, Tange Double Butted steel tubes, used in very good conditions (please see pics), frame is intact, no dings, made in Italy from 1990. It comes with its original fork, headset, stem, square bottom bracket, seat post and cable housing. 95 --> 50 Euros...
  12. Wobblyfish

    1996 Saracen Tufftrax. STX Groupset. Ritchey Finishing Kit. Original Factory Specification.

    I have seen a few on here, so apologies to those who may class this as nowt new. Likewise I'm not in any way trying to compete, or compare this one to others beforehand. I think I've gotten this one pretty close to catalogue spec, so I thought I wouldn't offend anyone, and maybe just a couple...
  13. Rocky Mountain Hammer

    Rocky Mountain Hammer

  14. GT Karakoram 1991

    GT Karakoram 1991

    Deore LX groupset DX rear derailleur & u-brake
  15. Kestrel MX-Z

    Kestrel MX-Z

    Kestrel MXZ in white with Deore DX groupset
  16. Kestrel MX-Z XT

    Kestrel MX-Z XT

    Kestrels e-stay in black with black shimano deore XT , various forks over its time with me
  17. Wildwayne74

    Retro mountain bike for sale

    I have just listed on eBay my retro mountain bike Ringle stem ,handlebars and seat post Tange MTB tubing Pace Kevlar forks Marin wheels Shimano Deore crank and brake system frame just starting to show a little surface rust Built the bike from scratch 25 years ago Rebuilt forks with fresh...
  18. SirLurkalot

    Sold ***SOLD*** 1996 Marin Bear Valley SE

    I've been informed I've underpriced this so I have amended it. 1996 Marin Bear Valley SE. Some scrapes and chips on the frame but otherwise good condition, original except Saddle and tyres. Not used since September 2020. To be honest it's a bit too big and streached out for me now. I need...
  19. P

    For Sale SOLD - GT Tange CroMo Fork / RockShox Indy SL Fork (SOLD)

    Both with wear and usage signs. Open to offers. Any q's just ask :) SOLD - GT Tange CroMo - 136cm Threaded Steerer 1" see images for condition - £10 SOLD - RockShox Indy SL - 205mm Steerer 1 1/8 - see images for condition, obvious signs of some heavy paint damage, still working before...
  20. kingoffootball

    1991 GT Karakoram Elite in black

    My Karakoram Elite is the bike that got me back into biking, having not ridden one since the age of 15. It's also the bike that led me to Retrobike, so quite clearly the most expensive bike I will ever buy. However, since the day I decided the paint was too tatty to keep (which was easier to...