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  1. S

    FOR SALE - Rocky Mountain ETSX-50 Full Suspension Mountain Bike (Scotland)

    Rocky Mountain ETSX-50 full-suspension custom 27-speed mountain bike. Frame: Rocky Mountain ETSX-50, 18.0 inch, Aluminium / Carbon Fiber Fork: FOX 36 Float 160R Rear Shock: Fox Float RP23 Derailleur: Shimano Brakes: Shimano Deore Wheel Size: 26 inch Rides, and shifts gears well. Frame...
  2. B

    For Sale Handlebars and Stems for sale

    Assorted Bars and Stems for sale Apologies if not all of these are period correct but don't want to start two different sales threads. GT Cro-Mo Stem Nice usable condition. Got this for my tequesta and it looked great and kind of matched my Hadley front hub but alas is too long for my...
  3. Fatboy1974

    Rocky mountain. Which should (can) I choose?

    Hello. I just finished an Almega DX 1991 as my teenager's epoque bike. I could resist to replace my broken Megalite shit stem and Kalloy seatpost for nice Syncros black pieces. And a Flite Titanium.... Now, once I started to dig in the forums, I'e been remembering which bikes liked me the most...
  4. L

    For Sale FS: Rocky Mountain Hammer 19" Frame

    Rocky mountain hammer for sale 19" Reynolds 725 tubes Good used condition, so plenty of scuffs and scrapes. No dents or dings and all threads are good. seat post and clamp included Collection preferred - frame's in Glasgow but can post if needed £100 collected Cheers
  5. R

    Help Identifying 90s Road Frame w. Ritchey Logic Tubing

    Hey. I could use some help identifying this frame. Any help would be appreciated. So, distinguishing characteristics: Steel - butted Ritchey Logic (Tange Prestige) tubing Either fillet-brazed or TIG-welded then filed very smooth Ritchey Type 74 drop outs Ritchey Logic Tubing and BB Shell The...
  6. Barisicletta

    For Sale Rocky Mountain stratos - Syncros powerlite

    After 20 years of pure fun & thrills I'm selling my trustworthy Stratos Rocky Mountain. I'm the second owner of this nice Stratos with a rigid Syncros powerlite fork. Recently replaced one bearing of the headset. In all the years nothing has been replaced except for once a preventive replacement...
  7. Rocky Mountain Hammer

    Rocky Mountain Hammer

  8. rockyfusion

    For Sale For Sale 1994 Rocky Mountain Fusion

    I'm the only owner of my trusted not rusted Rocky Mountain Fusion, after 29years its time to make space! Photo of the day after I bought it at Fort William! With my ol mate Boggy and his awesome Salsa road build. - It needs to go back to a fixed fork and knobblies, or a gravel drop bar...
  9. M

    Rocky Mountain Altitude (1995)

    Hello everyone! A forum newbie here... I got directed to this forum in regards my old Rocky Mountain Altitude from 1995. It might be time to put it up for sale, but no idea if there is anyone interested and what a reasonable price would be... I did upgrade and replace some bits, so not...
  10. rockyfusion

    Rocky Mountain fusion 1995 Rebuild Blast

    Hi, my Dad finally let me have my rm fusion back, after sitting in his garage on the off chance he might use it, but it's pretty seized up. So, within an hour, it's stripped down, and can't wait to crack on. Great forum here too. is it worth writing to rocky mountain for frame decals?
  11. J

    Sorted NOS Shimano XT RD-M735 Short Cage

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for NOS Shimano RD-M735 Short Cage for a 1991 Rocky Mountain build if anyone has one available. I'm located in Canada Thanks, Jason
  12. M

    For Sale Syncros Powerlite fork

    **SOLD** This beautiful Columbus steel fork came on my 1991 Rocky Mountain Blizzard. Back then Syncros was a super cool boutique company with great designs. I haven’t used it for the last 20 years, and I think it is time for it to go to a new home. Weight: 960g Steerer is: 1 1/8” 16cm Threaded...
  13. FluffyChicken

    Rocky Mountain - Altitude 1993

    My tiny 1993 Altitude (18.5") my eldest rides this currently, he out grew every bike I could build him over the winter before he could ride them, and now he's probably out grown this to this winter. being taller than me. It does mean I might get it back, though no doubt I'll loose my long time...
  14. FluffyChicken

    Rocky Mountain - Stratos 1992

    another placehholder for no idea if i did a built thread type link for signature
  15. synlos

    Wanted '89 RM Blizzard fork

    Hi Folks. Looking for a fork for/from a '89 Blizzard. Must fit 20,5" frame. So long steerer... Color is this Granite. Hopefully anyone has a spare fork... I don't think so, but worth a try. :) Thanks, Tom
  16. F

    '94, erm '92..., well '93 Rocky Mountain Cirrus rebuild

    Update May. 2, 2021: new specs/pictures p. 5-6 Dear RBers, My first rebuild. For the impatient, the before/after pictures, with technical data below. Frame: Rocky Mountain Cirrus, 21.5" size Fork: Rock Shox Mag 21, 1 1/8" (200mm) threaded steerer/crown, 60mm "long travel" kit Headset...
  17. FluffyChicken

    Rocky Mountain - Altitude 1993 - the start

    Well I made progress on this today, I got the syncros crank-o-matics out and intact. So here it starts. Frame is presumed a Rocky Mountain 1993 Altitude, all the hallmarks but with some modifications. There has been eyelets for rack mounts added on the rear dropout, and the seat stays. I...
  18. FluffyChicken

    Rocky Mountain - Fusion 1992

    Time to do something with the other old beast and since it's been sunny and I setup these forks and need to try them out on something So I've put old or newish of here parts I've had lying around on to it, Steerer tube is too long, but my other one is a fraction too short. I cannot cut this as...
  19. FluffyChicken

    Rocky Mountain - Altitude 1991 - Up and running and changing still...

    Updated pics and details June 2011 on some page. viewtopic.php?p=1159248#1159248 Update: 2014 - Skip the old crap and head to the new mess viewtopic.php?p=1159248#p2198933 so you can ignore my newbie to the site ramblings (ok not much is different, I just know and remember more now :lol:)...
  20. C

    Catalogue The BIG Rocky Mountain catalogue thread

    1989 Rocky Mountain Bicycles Catalogue