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My tiny 1993 Altitude (18.5") my eldest rides this currently, he out grew every bike I could build him over the winter before he could ride them, and now he's probably out grown this to this winter. being taller than me.
It does mean I might get it back, though no doubt I'll loose my long time green Kona

Time I got this thread and bike sorted.

I accidentally bought this frame with a lucky e-bay bid (from a good chap on the forum too).
I never liked this color back in 1993, I much preferred the yellow/red of the previous years (I had the 1991 model at the time), but this year they dropped the wishbone and made the frame damn light.
But after building this, it's a classy nice colour.

18.5" inch is a touch on the cramped side for me, I might only be of average height but I just prefer the comfort of a larger bike. But for slow, 20mile max gentle bimbles it's fine.

I unfortunately cannot find any of the build pictures other than the one in the garden :-(
I'll just have to strip it one day and make one up, 🤓

It was built mainly with parts I had been collecting for a rainy day (my other 20" still not done rattle can black 93 Altitude).

Spec sheet
Frame: Rocky Mountain : Altitude : 1993 [ 18.5" ] (iirc ~4lb)

Fork: Rock Shox JUDY SL [ 1997 ] with full springs fitted.
Headset: Syncros ? 1 1/8"
Stem: Syncros Cattlehead 1 1/8" ?130mm? 5deg rise? with later 3 part clamp ( i think)
Handlebar: Ritchey SC Pro (late 90's+, not sure ?)
Grips: ODI Subliminal

Brakes: XTR M950
Brake Pads: Modern V cartridge pads
Brake Cables: Clarks and Shimano
Cantilever Cable Hanger:
Brake Levers: XT M770

Shifters: ? M570 9speed ?
Front Derailleur: XTR M901 26.8mm Top Pull
Rear Derailleur: XTR M900 - SRP Alu hanger bolt
Derailleur Cables: Shimano probably
Cassette: XT M770/780 9 speed 11-32/34 ?
Chain: KMC X9 silver-silver

Cranks: RaceFace Turbine LP - 1993
- Bottom: 26t Shimano 'XTR' SG
- Middle: 36t Shimano 'XTR' SG-X
- Top: 46t Shimano 'XTR SG-X
Crank Bolts: Gold Self Extractor, Generic
Chainring bolts: RaceFace ?
Bottom Bracket: ? I think an FSA Ultimax Titanium 107mm
Pedals: Onza: M770 SPD or OnOne Glow in the dark Flats

Hub Skewers: Hope Gold
- Front: Mavic X717 32h
- Rear: Mavic X717 32h
- Front: Hope Suspension, 32h
- Rear: Hope Ti-Glide, 32h
- Front: Aluminium
- Rear: Aluminium, red
- Front: DT Rev or DB
- Rear: DT Rev or DB
- Front: Schwalbe Nobby Nic (~2010) could have changed
- Rear: Schwalbe Nobby Nic (~2010)
- Front: varies
- Rear: varies

Saddle: Flite Ti
Seatpost: Syncros Titanium ProPost Anniversary Edition
Seatpost Binder: bolt

Bottle Cage : Ringle (mine from BiTD)

Weight: It was light, but got heavier, probably 24lb+
Of all my bikes, this does actually ride very nice, comfy and easy.


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updated with some specs off the top of my head and using the pictures.
it may need a regrease, so weights will be added then.

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Very nice, still on my wanted list, so if you ever decide to sell ;)