1. M

    For Sale Aldo MOSER road bike High Quality 9.5kg, branded parts

    Selling this beautiful vintage bicycle for 500 euro + shipping! Aldo MOSER racing bike High Quality 9.5kg. Rare bicycle with frame from Francesco Moser's older brother (I'm still not 100% sure). High quality Oria Special 0.8 TC frame and branded parts. Campagnolo, GPM, WEINMANN components...
  2. H

    Reduced FS: Seven Axiom SL titanium frameset for mid-reach brakes

    Bought this not that long ago, but I can’t really see this project going. So I think it most go. I will take some better pictures of the frame how it looks now. I stripped all the paint off the frame and brushed it so it now have the original Seven signature raw finish - without decals. The...
  3. J

    For Sale Serotta CXII Tri/ Road Frameset Cheap!

    Perfect candidate for a respray + I have a set of replacement decals that will come with it!! Serotta CX2 Frameset (most likely a custom order) Reynolds Ouzo Full Carbon Fork w/ 260mm fork steerer length Columbus Niobium Steel Tubing For 650c wheels/ BSA bb Top tube length (actual) ctc...
  4. R

    For Sale LOOK KG 241 Replica, retro carbon bike frame for sale

    hello, I m selling my Look KG241 Tour Replica frame, it's a French carbon bike from the late 90s. really fun bike and fast ! 54cm top tube 53 seat tube max clearance 25, I didn't try 28 but it might be a little tight. really good conditions a scratch next to bottom bracket on the driver side...
  5. M

    What is that road bike? Is it Swedish?

    Hello! I have this bike but can't find any info on it. It has Suntour components, everything original. Previous owner said he bought it for 1000 kron in 1986. Can you please help me understand what brand it is and how much can it cost?
  6. M

    Titanium classic geo, flat bar road conversion!

  7. D

    Bruce Boone of Boone technologies

    is making a new set of BB & TI cranks, they will not be available until 2024, he still does TI rings & rear keep and eye out for road, Mtn & gravel versions
  8. Cotterpein


    Frame number is 8229. The frame belonged to the time keeper of a local cycling club and was used for time trials. It is a quality lightweight steel, lugged frame with double butted tube, but I cannot guarantee what tubing it is made from. From the frame number i believe it to be a 1982 frame...
  9. Crispybike

    For Sale Colnago VIP 2000 Alloy / Carbon Road Frameset Columbus Altec

    For those interested. Sold without wheels. Contact me for more details, info. Size: 56 Price: 700 € + shipping
  10. B

    Sold Retro Cannondale R500 / T2000 frames for sale

    Hi all, First post on here but will be posting more across the MTB/road for sale forums as I am needing to clear up space in the shed! Got two cannondale frames for sale which were two project builds that I never got round to. Cannondale T2000 CAD2 1997 touring frame with 105 headset - great...
  11. Raleighnut

    Help please identify my new bikes please

  12. S

    Wanted GT Edge / Force / any of the late 90s triple triangle frames 54cm

    Looking for one of the older triple triangle GT road frames, 53/54 cm, any colourway. They don't pop up that often anymore, so I know one of you has one sat collecting dust somewhere. Not interested in the aero ones. Thank you!
  13. M

    Marlboro history wanted

    Hi All Newbie here - I understand they aren’t the best loved bike brand but I’ve got one which I’m restoring, so would appreciate any help with brand history (albeit I understand it was short and uneventful during the ‘80’s) All help greatly appreciated Thanks Chris
  14. redbikes

    Sorted Slick Tyre(s) 26" x 1.25

    After a Specialized FATBOY MTB 26" X 1.25 Slick Tyre please. I've got one near new, so would like another to make up a pair to do a couple of long road rides ;). Other brands / matching pair / other pair larger than 1.25 roadie slicks considered! Cheers.
  15. A

    Sold Mavic 3G tri-spoke carbon, 700c size, VGC

    UPDATE: Still got rear wheel and spare rear hub (screw-on type) ONLY, the front has sold UPDATE 2: All gone Selling on behalf of another mechanic at the shop where I work, two stunning condition Mavic 3G road/track wheels. 700c size aero wheels, made in France, c. 1992. Currently fitted with a...
  16. O

    For Sale NOS Maillard BSA(ENGLISH THREAD) freewheel 14-24

    NOS Maillard freewheel BSA(ENGLISH THREAD) 14-24 Comes with a tool £25 Posted £20 collection from Merseyside Payment via PayPal Thanks, enjoy your day/evening
  17. A

    For Sale Concorde Columbus - 50 - Dura Ace for sale
  18. happycappy1314

    Could this be a Holdsworth Cyclone?

    I run a youth cycling program and sometimes people will donate the darnedest things. This bike came to me with a story of a man who was serving in WW2, bought the bike and brought it back to the states, road across the country a handful of times and then just set it aside. Since then, someone...
  19. C

    Milani late '70s road bike

    I picked up this bike recently for about £200. Does anyone know much about Milani bikes? It's branded Mantovani but the forks and seatstays are stamped with Milani and a clover so am assuming it was built by Milani and that Mantovani is either a shop or a team. I was told it was from 1979, but...
  20. kingoffootball

    For Sale U.S.E. Aero Wing, FSA OS 99 Reparto Corse stem, Microshift bar ends shifters

    I figured I may as well put these up here in case they are of interest to anyone before I try selling them via Gumtree or look for a road based forum to list them on. Carbon fibre Ultimate Sports Engineering Aero Wing £300 posted This tri/TT bar setup was on a bike I bought and I gave them a...