Marlboro history wanted


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Hi All
Newbie here - I understand they aren’t the best loved bike brand but I’ve got one which I’m restoring, so would appreciate any help with brand history (albeit I understand it was short and uneventful during the ‘80’s)
All help greatly appreciated
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Marlboro Cycles were based in Wednesbury, West Midlands and I worked for them as Marketing Manager for 3 Months over 30 years ago

They were Saudi owned by then and the Company was folded by the Saudis after I left (Wasn't my fault guys! Honest!)

It was a rollercoaster 3 months I can tell you!

So, to explain, I collated the Sales figures and the manufacturing figures and Marlboro were the Second Biggest Manufacturer in the UK at that time - Raleigh of course were number One

Marlboro's biggest customer was Halfords and they manufactured Halfords own brand cycles in their own livery - Ah! We designed it using their logo!

Second biggest Customer was The Post Office - No design required in them days - The typical "Sit Up and Beg" red bike with a basket on front for a PO bag. Now those were the days


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Thanks for the info - do you know how long they had been going before you joined and how big the range of road ‘race’ bikes was?
Do you know if any catalogues exist?
I read they also supplied Littlewoods - any idea if these were under the Littlewoods brand or badged as Marlboros?
Sorry for all the questions but I’d like to get the bike back to ‘factory’ condition even if that was only catalogue standard.