For Sale Avid SD Ultimate levers


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Used pair of red Avid SD Ultimate levers for sale, wear consistent with age.

Looking for €120 ex shipping.

Located in Belgium.



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Here's the thing @Spudly ... I know that's the JMC colourway, but that's also kind of why I want to avoid it!

(I'm trying to have enough touches, without too many! Lol)

Also, those are the V-only version, if I'm not mistaken?

So won't work with the Tri-Aligns anyway.

Meanwhile, over in the PMs @mheywoo1 has a lovely pair of all silver ones...

...which are exactly what I want.

But are unfortunately the V-kind too!


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I didn't realised that there were V and canti versions - looking at them, the levers are different too.

I assume these are the canti version?IMG_0357.jpgIMG_0358.jpgIMG_0359.jpg


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@My_Teenage_Self They are. There's a V version, a canti version, and a V&Canti version - the SD-Ultimate V! The latter looks exactly like the former but has a "V-chip" inside, so you can use for either/or:

Screen Shot 2021-05-13 at 2.46.56 PM.png

Are the ones in the photos above yours? And if so, is there any chance those are for sale too!?


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I'm looking for some silver and red ones to go with my tri aligns also. Hadn't realised there were so many options.


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You're welcome boys.

This is what happens when you spend the better part of a year hunting for some.

Nevermind a set at a fair price!

Good luck out there!