gary fisher

  1. O

    Gary Fisher Ziggurat 1998 - trash or treasure?

    Hi folks, I recently picked up this 1998 Gary Fisher Ziggurat, fully original as far as I can tell - even the original WTB Velociraptor tyres have survived. I picked it up simply because my dad has an early noughties Ziggurat - it’s the one he was riding when he first introduced me to MTB and...
  2. joglo

    Catalogue 1993 Gary Fisher Catalogue

    I had a few more pictures of the 1993 catalog on my computer, so I have combined this and created another 1993 catalog. This time in pages are oriented straight to top, as the Catalog has this a bit exotic small middle page with the color photos of the bikes, I have done now two scans per Bike...
  3. joglo

    Catalogue 1991 Gary Fisher Catalogue (incomplete)

    1991 Catalog, most likely a more wider portfolio for US market. Quality of scans is only moderate, and some page are missing, unfortunately. 2 to 3 pages covering models Supercaliber, Hoo-Koo-E-Koo, Montare, Advane and Gemini are missing. As here in forum a few times there had been requests...
  4. joglo

    Catalogue 1990 Fisher MountainBikes Catalogue

    Gary Fisher leaflet with 1990 models. Same as the one at Mombat
  5. joglo

    Catalogue 1989 Fisher MountainBikes Catalogue (US)

    This seems to be the US catalog with an wider portfolio as what was offered in Europe and the just 6 models in the other smaller 1989 brochures. Unfortunately this is not a very high res scan and another intro page seems to be missing, there is at least no page no. 2 and 3.
  6. joglo

    Catalogue 1990 Fisher MountainBikes Catalogue

    Nice and thick brochure of the Fisher portfolio 1990 There is another small brochure for 1990 at Mombat or Oldschoolracing
  7. J

    Please help me identify this bike

    Hi everyone. I need information on a model of MTB from Gary Fisher. I found the frame and used it to build a monstercross bike that works great, and you can see it here: The frame bears the model name: MAHI MAHI...
  8. 1

    For Sale 1990 Gary Fisher Sphinx €490

    Cork, Ireland. For sale: the original hybrid or cross bike. As good on rugged track as on paved road. A 1990 Gary Fisher Sphinx, bought in Portland, OR. Dimensions: 21-inch frame (seat tube length overall); 28 inch wheels with 700 x 28C HS310 tires. It is good condition; didn't get much use...
  9. staffy

    Frankenstein rescued! - Fisher Prometheus - Part 6 - First ride

    Some of you may have seen this Fisher Prometheus titanium beast on flea bay in late 2021, a total Frankenstein, check out the road forks & brake, trials stem, welded in seat post, patched top tube, drilled out cable guides......everyone needs a challenge right? As advertised..... Back at the...
  10. P

    My 2001 MT Tam

    I just bought my first mountain bike. I wanted something I can work on and improve to make my own, before I spend big money. I purchased a 2001 Mt Tam. Everything is great on it expect the front fork. I have had a hard time trying to find out if I should replacement it or rebuilding. The fork...
  11. procaliber91

    Gary Fisher '91 Procaliber

    Hi everyone, this is my '91 Procaliber. A wonderful bike that I bought new in '93 (I still have the original touch-up paints, obviously dry). It's amazing how understated this bike is. It was built with Gary Fisher spec Tange Prestige Ultralight tubing, with gorgeous rear dropouts and a...
  12. Tricky1977

    Anyone know much about the 2008 Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo?

    I bought a frame ages ago and have found a few random internet pics of the period bike, but I’d like to know the original spec and components so I can get period OE parts. Yes I know it’s the Trek era but it’s light… Ideally what forks, bars, saddle, stem, bars, grips and groupset did it have...
  13. C

    Which bike to convert to Gravel?

    So I am wanting to try converting an old mountain bike to a gravel bike. Some of my concerns include reach because going to gravel bars from flat will effect handling, and the second big concern is tire size. The two bikes I have to choose from are a 1992 Gary Fisher Sphinx 700c tires or a 1990...
  14. I

    Gary Fisher Pro Caliber carbon MTB

    Gary Fisher Procaliber carbon fiber size 16.25 inches 41cm Colour: Matte Ice copper In great condition just had a full service including new inner and outer cables. Selling as I need the storage space. Any questions just ask. -Front wheel: Shimano XTR HB-M950 QR 100mm 32 hole hub / Mavic...
  15. C

    1992 Gary Fisher Sphinx info request

    So I purchased this bike today off Craigslist. Older lady had it for sale with almost no background on the bike. Haven't been able to find much information about it on the internet. Originally thought it was a old MTB but right after I purchased it I realized it has 700c x 40c tires. Got it for...
  16. R

    Gary Fisher Wahoo 1994/5

    Reluctantly thinking of selling my 18" Gary Fisher Wahoo as can no longer ride. In excellent condition (a few small spots of rust) with original parts apart from pedal crank which sheared and was replaced a couple of years ago. It's not had a lot of hard use as was living overseas and left it...
  17. B

    For Sale Gary Fisher Sugar 3 frame

    Another one up for sale: A Gary Fisher Sugar 3 frame incl. the Bontrager seatpost and the BB. Has a Fox Float rear suspension. The frame is labeled “Large” and measures 48cm bw. the center of the BB and the top of the top tube apex. 200 GBP + postage.
  18. kingoffootball

    1992 Gary Fisher Prometheus

    I'll start my own thread for this bike. It was previously owned by clockworkgazz: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=28385 but I picked it up on a local Ebay auction. Not difficult to spot it as the same frame, given the repair work on the top tube! My reasoning for buying it, despite the need to actually...