1. GeneralOsik

    1995 Kona Custom Cruiser Stars & Bars

    Shock and awe. That is what I felt when I woke up last Saturday, after receiving an offer for a bike I never thought I would have a chance to buy. I had slept until noon, after riding my Trek 990 until 1 AM with my friends until my Cateye batteries died, and I woke up to a message from my...
  2. L

    For Sale Sunn BMIX 1999 (I think) *reluctantly* for sale

    Selling my Sunn BMIX as I sadly don’t use it anymore and need the money to repair my other bikes I use to commute to work. It’s pretty much stock apart from the grips and tyres, good condition apart from the age related scuffs. £450 ono Collection from Newark near Nottingham
  3. B

    Sunn Bmix

    Ever since I saw one of these in Dirt or MBUK I really wanted to own one at some point. I'd known of a chap that had owned one for years and had always said that at some point I wanted to buy it off him and after literally years of talking to him about it I finally went and got it. It had been...
  4. Imlach

    Imlach's Sweaty Hippie Funk Collection, adventure bikes, rusty rats, cruisers and other alt bastardisations of bicyclery

    Hello Inspired by brother @Guinessisgoodforyou I've decided to make my own thread where I post pictures of bicycles I like. Unlike his threads, mine will not provide any valuable information or enlighten you. I won't know the brand names or component names of 90 percent of the stuff I post...
  5. S

    For Sale Marin hybrid.. 1990. Velatone grey. 19 inch

    Really don't see many of these around at all. Grey velatone paint is immaculate, needs fettling. Exage 400 groupset. Really good cruising bike, canal or gravel. This bike can handle extra width of tyres.. required. Shimano silent clutch rear hub.. silently does the job. Restomod. .. Worth £90...
  6. GeneralOsik

    1995 Kona Humuhumu-Nukunuku-A-Pua'a

    Frame: 1995 18" Kona Humuhumu-Nukunuku-A-Pua'a in Royal Blue with orange decals SN 50 H0230 Fork: *Kona Project 2 Sport Headset: Kona Impact Stem: *Kona Velocity Handlebar: Sunlite Elson in black Grips: ODI Longneck Flanged in orange with Kona Hot Dog end plugs Brakes: Shimano BR-M739 in...
  7. Peachy!

    Reyt-pack September 2022 (Downhill vintage rigid race Yorkshire style)

    Now then... 'appen a few of thee might 'ave seen what our @yakboy is up to with his thread; @yakboy Well my winter project is now incoming and it's a 1967 Triumph; @Peachy! "What's tha t'do with them like?" you may well...