1. O

    Gary Fisher Ziggurat 1998 - trash or treasure?

    Hi folks, I recently picked up this 1998 Gary Fisher Ziggurat, fully original as far as I can tell - even the original WTB Velociraptor tyres have survived. I picked it up simply because my dad has an early noughties Ziggurat - it’s the one he was riding when he first introduced me to MTB and...
  2. LucasxCorral

    What GT is this?

    Hi! I have been looking at your posts on this page for a while but today is the first time I publish, let me know if the format is wrong or something. I have doubts about this frame, poped up for cheap in local marketplace, i haven't seen a GT in this colorway before, and the tequesta from...
  3. joglo

    Catalogue 1998 Yeti Catalogue

    Yeti catalog for 1998
  4. M

    For Sale 1998 Giant TCR ONCE Team 'Debut' Model Rare Iconic Anodized Aluminium Frame 50cm

    For sale on ebay (auction ends in less than 2 days! Sun at 19h UK time) what I believe is a 1998 Giant TCR (Debut model or 'Generation Zero') ONCE Team Bike (Frame No. 7819981). 50 cm frame with Shimano Ultegra groupset in very good condition. I am convinced this is the model as ridden by...
  5. G

    GT Backwoods Atomic Rust

    Hi, i have had this from new and its been stored in my garage for 25 odd years. I believe its a 16" frame and a 1998 model and believe the parts to be original apart from the seat. I havent ridden it that much but never sold it as it was too nice. I am looking to sell as I ride a Ducati now lol...
  6. A

    Help me to identify 1998 Bianchi MTB

    Hi everyone, I recently restoring my childhood bicycle which I bought at 1998 with my piggybank. I'm looking to identify its model. I've searched online and found some tips for identifying vintage bikes, but I'm still not sure what model it is. I wanted to check if anyone here has any tips or...
  7. Fam Allen

    Martyn Ashton Volvo Cannondale Team Build - BotE

    Following my Hawzie Team Trials build last year I've been on the look out for a good Ashton Cannondale build contender and this week I picked it up! A Cannondale M800 BOtE. It's officially a '95 bike, but has the '96 onwards dropouts and is in all intents and purposes the 96/97 Caad2 frame I...
  8. W

    For Sale 1998 Marin Palisades Trail £190.

  9. KennyDTCC

    Proflex 1997 - 1998

    Bob Girvin's best bike range. .... ......
  10. KennyDTCC

    Proflex - Noleen Racing 1998

    Proflex - Noleen Racing 1998
  11. M

    Answer Manitou 1998

    Scanned and uploaded for your viewing pleasure
  12. Thias

    Scott catalogues...

    Hi there. I am wondering. Why is there not a single Scott catalogue in the archives? I have attatched a few I have on my drive, ranging from 89 to 99. Maybe someone could add them to the archive at some point? Cheers!
  13. R

    Wanted Rock Shox SID 1998

    Hello alltogether. I need a service kit fpr the Rock Shox SID 1998. Another User bought one from "Wadsy" i heard. I am new in this Forum and dint manage to write him a message. Thank you Tobi
  14. B

    Sold GT Tempest Aluminum 1998

    A GT Tempest from 1998 in polished aluminum/chrome with a black fork. Fork is a threaded 25.4. Frame measures 48cm to the top of the tube, making it a 18-19". Frame made of a Custom Blend 7005 heat treated aluminum, fork is a GT cro-mo. Offering frame and fork for sale. Frame has no damage apart...
  15. rwm1962

    Orange Catalogue - 1998

    I see there's plenty post 97 stuff in this section & archive so if an admin or mod wants the high res pdf of this for that section please contact me. viewtopic.php?f=41&t=394710&hilit=1998
  16. drystonepaul

    1998 Saracen Kili Team

    1998 Saracen Kili Team Picked this up a few weeks ago as a complete bike on eBay. Looking at the listing I could tell that it was a real mix of parts thrown onto what I hoped would be a nice frame. I picked it up a few miles from home and brought it back to my workshop. As expected most of...
  17. drystonepaul

    1998 Saracen HardTrax (another winter hack)

    A couple of weeks ago after a Retrobike ride at Rivington, I mentioned I had a few frames that were taking up space and would be free to a good home. It seems you can't give these things away so I ended up swapping a 1994 GT Outpost Trail frame and forks for this 1998 Saracen HardTrax frame...
  18. albash82

    1998 Kona Mid-year catalogue insert

    Edit, was originally a wanted post. It worked! Does anybody have the mid-year insert for the 1998 catalogue? it was a single page with the ltd edition bikes on. i got it from my lbs. would love to see a scan - just for old times sake... my mate also had a yellow & blue nunu from what we think...