1. JamesP

    1995 Ridgeback Team RX Competition

    Really excited to show you all my first retro bike rebuild. I originally bought this bike back in 1995 when I was 19 from our LBS (Plympton Cycles) down here in Plymouth. If I remember rightly I was first looking at buying a Sunn, from another store, but once I spotted the Purple Team RX...
  2. m77wkd

    For Sale Selle Italia Turbomatic 2

    In great condition and been in my ownership since new (1995) £50 with FREE UK POSTAGE Cash or PayPal friends and family accepted.
  3. m77wkd

    Sold Selle Italia Turbomatic 2

    I'm great condition and been in my ownership since new (1995) £50 with FREE UK POSTAGE Cash or PayPal friends and family accepted.
  4. joglo

    Catalogue 1995 Wheeler Collection Brochure (Dutch)

    Wheeler catalog for 1995. Dutch language. Not sure if this is complete.
  5. joglo

    Catalogue 1995 Yeti Catalogue

    Yeti catalog for 1995
  6. C

    Sold now on ebay – BARRACUDA A2M Frame 1995 19/20" 7005 Alloy Durango (Colorado) Yeti

    rare opportunity. the barracuda cycles company only existed for a few years during the 1990s - see http://www.barracudabicycles.com/wp/history/ this frame dates from 1995 and has a special top tube with a V-shaped cross-section - or rather a teardrop shape. it narrows towards the bottom. the...
  7. GeneralOsik

    1995 Kona Sex Too

    Introducing my latest purchase, John Balmer's 1995 Kona Sex Too. I recently purchased this 1995 Kona Custom Cruiser, from a personal friend of former Kona employee John Balmer. I had originally passed on this one, but I couldn't stop thinking about having all three 'New for 1995' Kona bikes...
  8. GeneralOsik

    1995 Kona Custom Cruiser Stars & Bars

    Shock and awe. That is what I felt when I woke up last Saturday, after receiving an offer for a bike I never thought I would have a chance to buy. I had slept until noon, after riding my Trek 990 until 1 AM with my friends until my Cateye batteries died, and I woke up to a message from my...
  9. FluffyChicken

    Catalogue Reynolds - 753->7000 CroMo/Alu/Ti information leaflets

    Technical information of Reynolds tubing (I think 1995) From 753, 653 to 531, 500 and Cromoly steel tubing and Aluminium 7000 and Titanium 2000 scanned by @FluffyChicken
  10. FluffyChicken

    Catalogue 1995 Reynolds Tubing leaflet

    Just scanned, I think it's 1995 using the sort of date code on it. Short Info about their tubing scanned by @FluffyChicken
  11. GeneralOsik

    1995 Kona Kilauea

    I finally found one of my dream bikes! I recently bought a 1991 Scott Boulder from my friend Matt for $150, and I hadn't picked it up yet. On Friday evening, Matt showed me this bike listed on Facebook Marketpalce, and basically bought back the Scott so I could go buy this bike. The listing was...
  12. C

    Sold 18" F+F 1995 CANNONDALE M500 + Pepperoni Iceland green metallic two tone

    1995 cannondale M500 frame and forks. everything straight. all threads good. paint has scratches and chainsuck. original pepperoni forks from this very frame. according to the 1995 catalog the color is named "iceland green metallic with green pearl hyper-highlight" 😄 seattube measures 50cm from...
  13. S

    Help identifying the year/spec of Specialized Rockhopper.

    I recently picked up a mid-90s specialised Rockhopper for a very good price. I am planning a restoration, but before starting I have been trying to identify the year and model/spec. I would welcome some help! From my research so far (including checking the frame number against some useful...
  14. GeneralOsik

    1995(?) Kona Humu in Yellow

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/125268486013 I've been watching this one for a day or so, and I can't find another Humu like it. This one has the 1995 Humu kit, with all the right silver hardware, cranks, and brakes from 1995, and the orange decals from that year. All of the other yellow Humus I've...
  15. Wheeler 1995 Spec 1.png

    Wheeler 1995 Spec 1.png

  16. Wheeler 1995 Prijslijst - Price list.png

    Wheeler 1995 Prijslijst - Price list.png

  17. Thias

    Scott catalogues...

    Hi there. I am wondering. Why is there not a single Scott catalogue in the archives? I have attatched a few I have on my drive, ranging from 89 to 99. Maybe someone could add them to the archive at some point? Cheers!
  18. GeneralOsik

    1995 Kona Humuhumu-Nukunuku-A-Pua'a

    Frame: 1995 18" Kona Humuhumu-Nukunuku-A-Pua'a in Royal Blue with orange decals SN 50 H0230 Fork: *Kona Project 2 Sport Headset: Kona Impact Stem: *Kona Velocity Handlebar: Sunlite Elson in black Grips: ODI Longneck Flanged in orange with Kona Hot Dog end plugs Brakes: Shimano BR-M739 in...
  19. GeneralOsik

    1995 Kona Kapu

    Frame: 1995 Kona Kapu 54 56cm in red named Leo Columbus Genius tubing SN F6012432 Fork: *Kona Mudshark in red Headset: *Kona Impact 1" Stem: *Kona Velocity HT 1" Handlebar: *3TT Forma Grip Tape: Brooks Microfiber Bar Tape in black Brakes: *Campagnolo Veloce Brake Pads: Kool Stop Dual Compound...
  20. R

    Wanted P2 forks, anything 95 cinder cone.

    Hello people, I've just bought a 19" 95 cinder cone frame. It's got nothing on it, at all. Just scarred paint and damaged decals ! I'm after a triple butted p2 and impact headset. Too be honest, I'd be interested if you have anything ! I don't know if I'll go FULL retro, but I definitely NEED...