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    26 Vs 27.5 tyres practically the same size?

    Who'd have thought smacking your hands on every other tree wouldn't catch on? Time to dig out the early 90s neon motocross handguards, or this pretty neat (not) solution.
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    26 Vs 27.5 tyres practically the same size?

    Wait a minute! I've just had a thought... it's almost as though all these innovations are some kind of... MARKETING EXERCISE!!!!
  3. wynne Edwardian hotrod speed machine!

    I love this story of your aged hotrod. You've made me laugh out loud reading this. All power to your elbow, sir.
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    Things which were made of cheese. The nightmare recalled.

    Another vote for the USE Alien seatpost. Snapped at head on first ride - to its credit quite a few miles from home. Hopeless. Not made from cheese, but a lump of cheese would have been more useful, i give you the... Odyssey Aerator. Pump and seatpost combined. Great idea, totally impractical...
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    Wanted Hope Race X2 Brakeset, lightweight Hope Pro 4 boost 29 wheelset

    I recently built myself some 29er wheels, 32 spoke, using Sapim Laser spokes, Ryde Trace 25 rims (which i have a few sets of and i love) and fairly basic 6 bolt novatec hubs. Wheelset weighed in at 1550g. They're lovely wheels to ride as the rim is very shallow but wide enough to keep the wheel...
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    For Sale MRP Stage 29er fork 170mm travel

    This is MRP's well respected and very capable Stage 29er fork. It's got their excellent Ramp cartridge. Travel is adjustable with easy to install internal spacers. Currently it is set up at 120mm travel. It's in very good working order and cosmetic condition. Tapered steerer is 167mm long. After...
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    For Sale Three forks sake! On One, Pro carbon and Salsa. All 1 1/8" disc.

    Bump and open to offers. Come on, learn to love the short steerer, slam that stem and go faster.😘
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    Kit that makes you smile

    In another hopeless attempt to drag this thread out of the gutter. This beauty always makes me feel a bit super hero, though maybe too cool to be fun.
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    For Sale YETI FRO 19" (centre to top) frame

    I have ordered a custom frame, so it really is time to thin the herd. No reasonable offer not considered.
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    Wanted Steel, ti, disc, rare and gorgeous. Wanted

    Hello Karl You will always be Harry Burgundy to me. Nice custom IF 853 deluxe, excellent structural shape though not pristine cosmetically and quite long in the top tube. It's fast. Can do measurements later and better pics later if it's of interest. After £450 posted for the frame. Rich
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    Ultimate Sports Engineering Outlet

    Well pleased with my seatposts and drop bars - astonishingly bargainacious. Thanks again for the alert.
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    For Sale YETI FRO 19" (centre to top) frame

    Bump. £250 posted.
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    For Sale YETI FRO 19" (centre to top) frame

    Got my nice 19" Yeti FRO 2004 frame for sale. Actually lighter than the ARC. I believe it's the lightest alloy hardtail Yeti ever made. It's in great condition, just a few small scratches and a bit of tyre rub on the inside of the chainstay. There's also a flake of paint missing at the top of...
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    Chickens Frame Emporium 29er

    Thank you! The tyres are Bontrager XR3 team issue. Not huge - 29x2.2" rear and 29x2.4" front. I've shredded so many brands on the flints round here, but these seem to be holding up. They have a decent amount of tread but roll really well.
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    1x10 Campagnolo Sram hybrid drivechain

    I love the extreme fettling you've described. I too have gone over to sram (force 1x) shifters on one of my bikes. I really admire the way they mainstreamed that system - and the quality of their engineering. With regard to resistance on the drivechain i feel that i notice it much more on...