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    Show us your bike history..

    Re: Rusty old memory... 1980 Raleigh Roadrunner - new Early '80s Raleigh Night Burner - 2nd hand Early '80s Dawes Lightening - new 1986: 1986 Carlton Carrera 531c - new (still own) 1996: 1996 Kona Lava Dome - new (still own) 2012: 1999 Kona Hei Hei - used frameset from ebay, built it up (still...
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    Lockdown Health Rides!

    Re: Lucky you guys. Day 16 of 100% lockdown here in Malaysia, no cycling no jogging. Only allowed out (1 person alone) for groceries. Been running a 26er on the dumb trainer for years but now embraced Zwift and it’s keeping me sane. Switched to road bike, just a bluetooth rear wheel sensor and...
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    Syncros, Hope, XT, SiSL2 for sale

    Hi, i’m no trader, i have some of my unused parts for sale, am i allowed to promote them? If not the mods can delete my post. Thanks for looking! Regards to all.. ... nav=SEARCH ... nav=SEARCH...
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    The HiFi chat, build and modification thread!

    Re: I’m original owner of Ion Obelisk 1, the original Powys company, a wonderful small amp. It cost about 120 pounds in 1990. Right side output recently smoked and died. Took off the lid and found some cooked toffees. Asked around, found a company, they quoted over 400 pounds to fix it...
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    Looking for folding Raleigh Twenty or similar bike

    Re: Hey GT it seems you live in Malaysia? We could meet up for a ride, either modern or retro fine with me. I’m in KL. Suggest you could send me a pm if keen.
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    This guy - Fabio Wibmer

    Re: Never mind all the silly scenarios, his bike control is wonderful to watch
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    Steel Kona conversion to discs

    Re: Oh hang on.. just read your build thread.. it was an old beater with a dented / filled top tube? Oh what the heck weld some disc tabs on it and get it out of your system!
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    Steel Kona conversion to discs

    Re: I very nearly did this to my HeiHei, even had Hope disc hubs and XT hydo disc brake set ready. In the end i kept it on rim brakes and so glad i did. Love the originality of the frameset. It is what it is. PS: fitted Magura HS33s, super powerful but heavy. Finally went with Ritchey Logic...
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    Old hand tools-what to do with ?

    Re: It’s obvious this JokerTK guy is affiliated in some way to the escape room business and only joined this site in an attempt to post crafty adverts disguised as genuine posts. Yeah that worked. The post has similar weird use of language as the website itself. Suggest blocking this guy asap.
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    Re: Props to the guy who apologised. I was on a thread here once making a correct technical point, but some fella wouldn’t have it, argued every which way, citing fallacious ‘evidence’ and turning personal when i tried patiently to explain in a number of different ways. I tried to help him...
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    Golden arrow derailleur spring fail 1986

    Hi all, tension spring failed on my otherwise excellent golden arrow RD-A105 derailleur. How would you fix this? I tried the spring from a 1995 LX derailleur that i just happened to have but doesn’t fit (larger diameter and it’s made from square section wire). The RD-A105 spring is 14mm long...
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    Kona - 1995 Cinder Cone vs 1995 Lava Dome

    Re: Assuming both are original spec, the following parts have the same quality level: Frame, fork, stem, headset, handlebar, brake levers, front hub, front and rear spokes, seatpost. Everything else on the Cinder Cone is higher spec than the Lava Dome. Whether it’s worth swapping any parts...
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    Touring Borneo on ‘95 Cinder Cone

    Re: Arrived Kuching on day 9.