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    FanBoy Badges Vote Now

    Where are kona and pace? Also no space in DiamondBack 😉
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    New to BMX Racing - New Bike Purchase

    Re: I'm trying so hard not to get back into racing. My son is 5 and been racing just over a year now. I've played on ths track with one of the club bikes. Raced when I was a nipper. It is fun. Enjoy
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    Which Diamond back Bike do I have here?

    Re: DBR branding came out in 96/7. E-stays were earlier and DiamondBack didn't do one
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    Which Diamond back Bike do I have here?

    Re: It's not a DiamondBack that's for sure. No idea what it is though
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    The Road Bike How Much Thread

    Re: Early 90s lugged 531 Revell Mixte 19" (48cm) Can't seem to upload pics, so have guessed a price for ebay. Is this a fair price? ... 500wt_1288 21 speed, Shimano Tiagra rear mech, 3 x 7 speed brifters. Campag hubs, Reds calipers
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    Wanted black 27.0 seatpost for 93' Orange Prestige

    Probably not period, but have a boxed Tioga, with only a slight mark due to test fitting. If of interest, I'll dig it out. £20 posted.
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    Diamond Back Racing / DBR Axis R frame 18" 1996

    If you haven't already got one, I could be persuaded to let mine go.
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    1993 Serotta Jamis Dakar

    I might be able to find room to store it for you, if you really want to keep her
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    Looking for a complete / incomplete 1980s / early 1990 MTB

    Frame Size 19" Tange Cromo OX tubing, minor scratches, no rust, no dents, I have photographed every mark below, and they look worse in the pics. £75 inc: Headset: Tioga Avenger DL, smooth BB: unknown, no play, runs smooth, no play in crank arms Seatbolt: Allen key. Can swap for QR Seatpost...
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    DBR Axis TT Titanium Frame

    Condition is king, but if it's good, about £350 for the frame. I am seeking an 18/19" one, but, I'm skint at the mo...
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    Specialized Allez Epic

    Mine is 57cm and for sale by the way. For what I paid for it.
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    Specialized Allez Epic

    I bought mine for 190, frame, forks, and basic Campag Mirage, no wheels.
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    Poor bicycle helmet design & inadequate testing standards

    It would be nice if they protected better, but I'd rather have a concussion than a fractured skull. I came off this week due to wet leaves and slick tyres. I landed horizontally on my right side. Right knee, hip, elbow and shoulder landed at once, my head a fraction of a second later. I was...
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    Diamondback Apex build

    I know the 94 and 96 Axis were TT Lite, and I assumed that the 96 Apex would too, as it's the same tubing as the Axis in 94 and I thought it was in 95 too. Jango will find out ;)
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    Diamondback Apex build

    As a DB fan, I'm another vote for keep the original paintwork. I have a 96 WCF 4.0 and a 96 Axis R. Both full M739 builds. This will look good with full LX. The earlier models all came with LX What is the frame material? TT Lite? If so, you need a 27.0 seatpost