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    New tires…but +20 years old. How to recover?

    Thats the name of the stuff I used to rub on my legs when I played rugby. I think it was petroleum based with menthol or similar. Worked very well at warming your legs up but if you accidentally got it on a bollock, you'd spend the next half running like Usain Bolt.
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    Sustainable disposal of a Raleigh Maverick?

    What can I say? Pimp'in aint easy.
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    Dear Halfords

    The reviews on the Halfords site look fake to me. They read the same as the obviously fake reviews for random brand name crap chinese products on amazon. No way that Voodoo is worth £3,000 of anyones money, or even close. Half, maybe.
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    Sustainable disposal of a Raleigh Maverick?

    I have a feeling this is a relatively low spec version. Think there were 3 versions and this could be the poorest out of them. I doubt it would make £100 on ebay to be honest, so might as well try to find it a home elsewhere and avoid forking out fee's to ebay.
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    Sustainable disposal of a Raleigh Maverick?

    I'll have a look into these options, thanks guys. Didn't fancy ebay as aside from their new policies on bank accounts, something like 25% of its value would be lost to ebay themselves unless I went charity auction route. I'll leave this and see if anyone has other options too. I know its not...
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    Sustainable disposal of a Raleigh Maverick?

    We've got an old Raleigh Maverick which I need to dispose of. Thinking of sending it to a local charity although not sure they will take it, given that it will need servicing prior to sale. Considering it's nearly 40 years old, it's in pretty good condition. I gather they aren't particularly...
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    Cheap-ish GT85

    Bit late replying to this as I've been away but yes, I've seen that before. Usually its on eBay where they are trying to avoid fee's, or where they are collecting taxes and so on in advance although at £15 I think it would be tax free. If you want to order from the US, I'd suggest using a...
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    Goodbye to ebay !

    Can't see why not. It's none of their business what your account terms are. Unauthorised overdraft could be an issue though, unless you can block that somehow?
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    Kids sponsorship forms - how much?!

    It's just a group of kids running/walking a distance in the local park as far as I can tell. My general feeling is that all the largest charities are some kind of veiled scam and this sort of thing doesn't help. I'm more the kind of guy who'd go to Asda, spend £500 and distribute it to local...
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    Kids sponsorship forms - how much?!

    It's a form from the charity rather than the school but your thoughts echoed my own. Less well off families could feel inadequate. The charity is Cancer Research and it's Race for Life, so not something obscure. I read their annual report, I think it said they spend £92m on marketing to make...
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    Kids sponsorship forms - how much?!

    I'm probably very out of touch with this but our lad brought home his first sponsorship form from school the other day. On the pre-printed sheet itself, there is an example sponsorship at the top with a value of £20 written in. Does anyone else dislike this passive aggressive approach from...
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    A blast from the past, NOS Mantis Flying V!

    I don't suppose anyone knows where I could get a display stand like that or even what the brand name of it is?
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    Seller Beware

    Seller Refurbished is unquantifiable and ebay know it. Because of this, you'd think it was a "buyer beware" situation, but in reality probably isn't. Regardless, with the changes ebay is making, private sellers would be wise to stop using it anyway, which as I've said before, is a goal I think...
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    Mountain Cycles, I have a few......

    But you did it yourrrrrrrr, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Sorry, couldn't resist. Great bikes :D
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    Why do you want to pay someone for old tat.

    Oh but don't you know, Shimano, in all their innovative glory, have just released a new "heavy duty" range....*rolls eyes* It's all just marketing crap. XTR M900 almost anything bar chain, rings and cassettes, will last several years, if not a decade for an average rider. Modern XTR under the...