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    Show us your slick tyred MTBS

    A couple to add in. As to why? 1. Why not? and 2. I hate wearing out knobblies if I don't need to :wink:
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    1995 Claud Butler Titanius White Industries FINISHED pg21

    Re: 1995 Claud Butler Titanius #F4100632 And I wonder what BAL or 3AL 2.5v refers to? That'd be the alloy it's made from :
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    Kona Titanium Frame Serial Numbers - List on Page 9:

    Re: I find it interesting that your frame shauno has the same (I think) years decal on the downtube as the other "BG" frame on page 2 of this thread. But as also stated, a 1993 ought to have a canti bridge, and neither frame has it. Going purely off the dropouts, it looks more like the 1994...
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    Kona Titanium Frame Serial Numbers - List on Page 9:

    Re: Not meaning to jump in for the very knowledgeable Pip, but I had a quick trawl through the catalogues in the archive and : 1996 KK says "Seamless 6-4 Titanium rear stays" on the picture page and "Sandvik 6-4 and 3-2.5 Titanium" on the specs page. 1997 and onwards KK's are all 3-2.5 except...
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    Kona Titanium Frame Serial Numbers - List on Page 9:

    Re: Superb thread, reading it has certainly enriched my knowledge and answered (maybe) some questions for me. I have a '96 King Kahuna and from what I read here I surmise: Frame would either have been built early 1996 or late 1995 which explains both the '95-shape "not-quite-so-sloping" toptube...
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    Paint match for 95 Cinder Cone ?

    Rover Kingfisher Blue seems to be the go-to, for example : ... 398216.jpg Available from Harry Halfords and no doubt other places.
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    Inner diameter of 95 era Kona Race Lite bars

    Hi there, assuming its the bars on the Cinder Cone mentioned in your signature, have a care -- the bars have a hexagonal profile inside which might not be great for internal ends. Have got a set without grips mounted I'll measure and maybe photograph if it might help tomorrow.
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    Kona Explosif 1995 19"

    Re: Nice to see one without the almost factory-supplied dents in the top tube, if this was 20" I'd be raffling kidneys as we speak :wink:
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    help me identify & date my cannondale

    An easy-ish way to tell is pop in the forks, BotE frames have that higher bottom bracket also and that will show up easily once the chassis is "complete". Also I'm pretty sure that this era Cannondales have a very long but decipherable frame number on the underside of one of the dropouts. Keep...
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    Free stuff...

    No worries, from memory Tim knows his nuts and bolts pretty well.
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    M900 vs M901 front derailleur differences

    Had to check the archive to see if my memory and/or gut instinct was correct, M901 is top pull, m900 bottom pull. From : ... 1.JPG.html I assume the intended chainring sizes are the same for both.
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    Free stuff...

    Re: Met tim75 on a local ride once, while of course he might be some kind of lunatic, he certainly doesn't seem like one :D Nice guy. I might also be able to offer some time to you, I'm nearer but reliant on public transport -- should also mention I have to use crutches to get around these...
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    1987 SBDU Maverick

    Re: Not my bike, but this belongs to a mate. 2nd pic if I uploaded in the right order shows the SBDU sticker. I think this one is an '86 though to be fair.
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    Your views, please

    Re: Hi Mike, and to all you others of course! I can give you the reason I don't attend any rides or reply to threads about them -- for about 18 months now I've had arthritis in both knees, can't walk to any reasonable extent let alone ride them there hills. I think there needs to be a...
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    Re: At last ; an event I can excel at! :roll: +1 for it being near to a station.