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    For Sale Karma- Ambrosio 1" Thread less headset

    Ha, good on you @montair and thanks for having me in you coin toss, well done to @Markone too.
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    For Sale Karma- Ambrosio 1" Thread less headset

    Wow, great result and certainly will be for someone else too once you decide on the winning story :) Let me try my 5p worth: I have never built a bike with a threadless headset, as spanner and thread is all I know, but seeing all this young ones with their sleek machines made of that tiny...
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    I got schils......

    Aelle - main three tubes only then. Yep, clean it, wax it and stick some cheap fixie/ss wheels on. GLWS
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    I got schils......

    Schils = Patrick Schils who is Belgian and has been selling bikes in Colchester Value wise - I'd guess round £50 max to someone that needs this size bike, but it also depends on how much work it will need, does the stem move, is bb siezed etc etc. Take into account your...
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    For Sale Gios Torino Super Record

    I concur, but we would never know the price paid :) Alas, I mate of mine is selling his for €1000, in much better nick, Super record groupset etc. etc. I'm all for retaining original paint, but sometimes you need to do the deed and refurb the bike, especially as it would be sad to see it to...
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    Colnago Super late 1980s with campagnolo chorus graphite

    Cheaper on eBay despite hefty commission you need to pay?
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    For Sale Gios Torino Super Record

    1. that was US not UK. 2. in much better condition - The OP one will need stripping down and repainting, new decals etc etc. You may want to offer it here to someone that will appreciate it and took care of refurbishing it to its former glory. It would be good to see the whole bike though to...
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    Sell whole bike or individual components?

    All depends on how much hassle you want to be involved with by selling bits - your best option would be of course selling the whole bike - it cost near nothing to put it on eBay @ Buy Now price, say £200 and you may get someone to buy it. Selling individual bits can be a pain and you'll end up...
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    For Sale Peugeot PY10 FC

    Very nice example indeed. Pretty much same equipment as Vitus 979 of the same era, guess the badge is different, rest is in fact the same bike..
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    For Sale 60's mercian F&F terrible paint

    could it be it is not Mercian? What is the serial number?
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    Wanted Suntour blaze or shimano exage rear mech wanted

    There is one on eBay at low £12