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    For Sale Cinelli stuff bars stems

    I’ll take the 1R if still available.
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    Wanted Campagnolo Victory / Triomphe crank arm (non-drive side) 170

    A bit unlikely, but I'm looking for a non-driveside crank arm for a Victory/Triomphe chainset. 170mm.
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    Sale of The (Campagnolo) Century. Offers welcome

    Also to drag this thread back from the dead... Is the Victory/Triomphe chainset still available?
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    How to date a Colnago FCI Super Pista?

    Interesting that no one seems to know anything about the FCI versions of the pista. If you asked this sort of question about a vintage Colnago road frame I suspect there would be lots of knowledge. Here is a pic of my frame number.
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    Wanted Headset tools

    Some interesting suggestions, thanks!
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    Wanted Headset tools

    I have a couple of headsets to remove (1" threaded) and also one to fit. I'm looking to pick up some tools for this sort of work, so if anyone has anything they want to move on it would be much appreciated! I'm looking for basic tools to get started: bearing press, crown race remover, cup...
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    How to date a Colnago FCI Super Pista?

    I had the same experience with Colnago. I emailed them and initially they were very friendly. They asked me to send the frame number and some photos. Following this there was no reply!
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    How to date a Colnago FCI Super Pista?

    I hope this isn't too obscure for a first post on the forum! I have a Colnago Super Pista in much loved condition which I ride at the velodrome. The previous owner had no idea of the age. As a pista it has just the FCI frame number which is L413. Is there any way that anyone knows of to decode...